The DEMONS of the Opera

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Last post, I touched on the upgrades to the demon models, and showed the Voidlord, both old and new. This time around, I’m going to chat about the others!


But I’ll re-do the Voidlord again. You know, for completeness.


Here’s the old Voidlord. Mine’s called Metasik. Been with me through thick and thin, he has.


Here he is in 6.2 (Image courtest of MMO Champion, as you can probably tell), and damn that’s a shiny paint job! Really gives the impression that he’s OF THE VOID, as opposed to being VAGUELY VOIDISH.


Here’s Zekrithec, my Doomguard:


It’s cool that we can take a talent to summon one permanently. Cooler that we can take Grimoire of Service to have two of them barraging the enemy too, but I digress.


Here’s the new Doomguard! More fierce-looking, more clothed than before! There are other colours of Doomguard too, blue and yellow, but I’d wager they’re not player demons.doomguard2blue doomguard2yellow

I’d like that blue one, personally.


The amusing thing here is that they’ve made the Demonology-specific demons look FANTASTIC, but nerfed the spec to the point where nobody’ll use it without the 4pc tier bonus, the Archimonde trinket, and a super high item level. Well done, Blizz.



Here’s Arakzekeel. He likes collecting 2h weapons, going for long walks on the beach, and cooking. His specialty is curry.


Here’s his new look! No longer does he look like he’s wearing low-res Burning Crusade armor. He’s stepped into the 21st century! No idea what his axe looks like, but frankly do any of us use it anymore, when we have the Glyph of Felguard?

felguard2purple felguard2yellow


Also comes in banana and orange flavours.


Az-barash is his name.
Killin’ is his game
He got two blades
He’s good in raids
And he’s huntin’ for his fame



And you better believe I went over to that Blingtron after I took this screenshot.

Now, honestly, I can’t figure out which of these we’ll get, because the colours don’t match the old one. Exciting, eh?

wrathguard2green wrathguard2purple wrathguard2red

My guess’d be the top one, but the old armour doesn’t match colours and oh this is all too exciting.


Yes, the bog-standard imp, not the Fel Imp.


This is Lazmir, and I had to stand the little bastard on top of something to take a picture of him, ’cause he’s so damn small.


Here’s your new imp, with prettier fire, a cheeky smile, and just generally more awesome. And yes, he comes in different flavours too.imp2blue

Blue raspberry.


Orange and lime.


Sharon fruit.



She stabs you when you’re sleeping
She stabs when you’re awake
She knows if you’ve been bad or good
And she doesn’t really care

Vanlew hit 100 yesterday, and it’s time to do some legendary quest junk. Again.



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