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I thought about doing a serious blog post.

I thought about commenting on Steve Dansur’s appointment as a senior designer for Blizzard, and how it could be potentially exciting stuff for the future of WoW, but we should probably temper our enthusiasm so that we don’t get disappointed in what ACTUALLY happens versus what we WANT to happen, but that’s adequately explained in a large run-on sentence anyway so I don’t need to go further into that point really and when will this sentence end?

I thought about making a rage post. I’m not happy about the Conservatives being elected, seeing as the first things they’re doing is apparently scrapping the Human Rights Act and bringing back fox hunting, but I imagine it’d go down like a lead balloon. Also, ugh politics. We’ve had so much of it recently, I’m now having a small detox where I fill my bloodstream with frivolous news to flush out the SRS ISSUES.

I thought about talking about the new Avengers movie, and how awesome it is, and how much I liked it, and how the thing about you-know-who is kinda a matter of interpretation, and I can SEE how people are upset about it, but I read it differently, but SPOILERS, also I just don’t want to, all you need to know is that it’s a fucking amazing movie, and Ultron is magnificent.

I thought about talking about Samurai Warriors 4, or Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, or Mortal Kombat, but I’d rather just play them at this point.

Then I saw this.


And now I want to go to China. I wanted to ANYWAY, I wanna walk the Great Wall. I want to go to the Red Cliffs, to see the Wuzhang Plains, to basically see the places mentioned in Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors.

But now you can add GIANT PANDA SCULPTURE to the list of why I wanna go there.

Oh, like I wasn’t going to see as many pandas as I could. Pfft.


One thought on “SERIOUS BLOG POST

    Dobablo said:
    May 13, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    It is only a sculpture? Now I am disappointed.

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