Onward Ever Striding Onward

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So, Raenah the Warlock has her legendary ring upgrade, and the legendary follower Garona. She’s got numerous Treasure Hunter followers, most of them at 675 item level (which is higher than hers, a mere 663. Mutiny?). She’s done until 6.2, or when the Twitter Casual Raid Team begins on the 21st.

Lunchi is sitting at 38 or so Elemental Runes. I’ve not thrown her into Blackrock Foundry yet, because… I have no good reason. Too busy soloing legacy raids for gold, I guess. I purchased the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth with her, and now I need to recoup that 20k, after all.

Lillorigga is still in the Abrogator Stone stage, despite being my 2nd 100. I haven’t played her beyond garrison junk for… weeks now. I have no idea why, I LOVE Gladiator.

Sunbuer is still collecting damn Apexis Crystals. I just can’t be bothered.

Vanlew is a panda now.

I have numerous pandas at level 90 or above.



Everyone likes pandas.


I now own Samurai Warriors 4 on the PS4. It’s fantastic. The soundtrack is different to that of Dynasty Warriors, in that instead of being Chinesey rock music, it’s Japanesey techno. This pleases me greatly.

I created a character, I’m messing around in Chronicle mode, I started the story of the Oda, because Nobunaga is my favourite Samurai Warriors character, bar Ranmaru.


It’s going well so far. It’s mechanically mostly similar to Dynasty Warriors, in that you mash Square and Triangle until you’ve cut a swathe through the battlefield, but it also adds a new type of attack string! Previously, you had the S-String, using Square, and you could press Triangle at different times during the string to pull off Charge Attacks. Well, now you have a T-String! Called Hyper Attacks, it reverses the strings effectively, so you hammer Triangle, and can use Square to pull off new Charge Attacks. The key is to know what to use at what given moment; your S-String is best when facing a small amount of enemies, like individual officers, whereas the T-String is best to clear out large amounts of enemies, but useless against individual officers as they will mostly outright deflect your attacks, or are just plain immune.


Okay, it’s not exactly Ninja Gaiden here, but it’s INNOVATION. In a KT Warriors game.

Yeah, it’s awesome!


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