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Now that just sounds DIRTY.

Yesterday, I ended up redownloading Skyrim, then a couple of mods that prevent a small glitch affecting my game. For some reason, if you alt-tab out then go back in, it’d duplicate the crosshair with your mouse pointer, and everything’d be out of sync and just generally annoying. Now? I can alt-tab with gay abandon!

I reinstalled, added those mods, then created a new character, a Khajiit lady named Frisky McBiscuit, because THE LEGEND OF FRISKY MOVES ONWARDS. Frisky McBiscuit has been a name I’ve used in both Skyrim and Oblivion, as well as both recent Fallout games, and Mass Effect (where she sadly had to be Frisky Mc Shepard). Why? I don’t know, but I like to maintain that they’re all the same person, or reincarnations of the same person at least (considering one’s a Khajiit, another is Argonian, and the rest humans).

She’s gonna sneak, fire arrows, steal all your belongings then sell them back to you at a premium. She’s invisible, she’s fuckin’ with your mind, she’s got a silver tongue and a love of gold.

There’s also no pictures of her because I forgot to take screenshots while I was playing OOPS. Maybe tonight.


In Other News

New PTR Build! Warlock changes?! NOPE.

Oh sure, there’s some stuff changed, but it’s all tooltip stuff, nothing mechanical.

As for Warlock set bonuses, Demonology’s 2-piece bonus sees a change.

  • Your Soul Fire increases the damage done by your Demons by 5% for 15 sec. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

So basically, thanks to the 25% nerf to EVERYTHING Demonology-related, your pet will probably do most of your damage. Thanks to the set bonus here, it’ll push pet damage out even further, and turn you into your demon’s buffer bitch.

“I’m sorry, Arakzekeel!” *casts Soul Fire 5 times*

Now who’s the master?



I HAVE GARONA. YAY. That’s me all caught up, Legendary-wise for now, at least on the Warlock. Next, the Monk, who has 18 runes thanks to the garrison mission, and will apparently get a bonus to rune collection thanks to the fact I have a character who has done the quest already. Huzzah!


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