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I’m levelling another character to 100 for some strange reason. Here’s Vanlew.



I’m considering changing her to a Pandaren at some point, but for the time being, here she is. She’s currently level 93, and she likes daggers, skinning things, picking flowers, and pickpocketing.

Levelling a rogue is actually pretty fun! Stealthing around, pickpocketing enemies for items you can sell to a fence NPC called Griftah. One of the first enemies you pickpocket will quite likely drop an item called the Secretive Whistle, and you can get a few cool things out of it!


When she hit level 92, she got the Assassination perk that makes Slice & Dice entirely passive, which is fantastic as she can now spend points she WOULD have spent on refreshing SnD on other, more damaging options. Rogues are also pretty hot at soloing old (pre Mists) content, due to Leeching Poison. It gives you 10% Leech, which means 10% of damage you deal is healed back to you. You put out a LOT of damage in Cataclysm content and below, so barring some massive catastrophic blow or weird mechanics, you never die!

Also I wanna advertise this. I’m gonna be a part of it too, ’cause it’d probably do some good to finally get me some raid time this expansion, as much as I LOVE LFR. JOIN US. WE WANT YOU!


One thought on “Roguish

    Sara said:
    May 5, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    I don’t need another alt… But, your post makes me want to start a rogue again! Gah! LOL.

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