WoW Token and Mortal Kombat X

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For those of us in the EU, the WoW Token finally goes live tomorrow. Costing 20 or £15 (in REAL money!), the base price will be set at a whopping 35,ooo gold, 5k higher than when it went live in North America.

Market price at the time of writing has it at about 25k over the ocean, but it peaked at about 31k shortly after it went live, then dropped to just over 20k 48 hours later. Current prices seem to fluctuate between 21k and 26k. Could we see the same happen in the EU? Well, we’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

My theory? We’ve all watched the price dip massively. Some people will buy the token straight away and throw it up for auction and get their 35k, then it’ll drop massively like the NA token did. Once it falls to an “acceptable” price, then people will buy in droves, driving the price back up but, like NA, never back to the lofty price it started at.

Basically, it’ll be exactly the same.



And here I come back to Mortal Kombat. Oh my goodness I am loving this game exponentially. Even after completing the AMAZING story mode (other fighting games should take a leaf out of Netherrealm Studios’ books. ArcSys’s too, with their BlazBlue story), there’s still plenty to do as a single player. It has something called Living Towers, which gives you 3 challenging series of fights to complete, usually with a modifier. There’s a tower that changes every hour, one that changes every 24 hours, and a third that changes once a week. Each tower gives some sort of modifier to the fight. The first hourly tower I did gave both characters the ability to regenerate health when they hit their opponent, with each progressive stage making the regeneration effect more powerful. Another had lighting strike the stage at random intervals, which seemed to help me more than hinder me, as it interrupted my opponent’s combos!

I haven’t been brave enough to step into the online yet, I think I need to practice more with Ermac, get some more combos down!

Or should that be… Kombos?



Oh Ermac, you wonderful bandaged bag of souls, you.


2 thoughts on “WoW Token and Mortal Kombat X

    Mabrick said:
    April 20, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    I’ve avoided MKX for now as I don’t have a X1 or PS4 and I’ve read the PC port is not so good. Are you playing PC or console? If PC, how’s the port?

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