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There is no news. The silence is, as the title may suggest, absolutely deafening. Because of this, I’ll have to blog about other things.

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I purchased a PS4, which we’ll collect today. The total cost was about £380 originally, which got us a black console with controller, a second controller for me (MAGMA RED!), and coming free with the console was The Order 1886 and Bloodborne. Because we bought it at Tesco, we then got 10% off ’cause of my staff discount, £160 off thanks to money we had saved in a piggy bank over 18 months (save your pennies, people!), a further £24 off thanks to money off vouchers, and £20 off due to a gift card I won at work for being fuckin’ amazing. This means we ended up only effectively spending £138! £69 each, which is pretty damn amazing.

SPEAKING OF AMAZING! Here’s Lillorigga’s current transmog


We have no real interest in playing either of the 2 bundled games, so we’re planning on trading that in, along with our old PS3 and assorted games, and buying some shiny new PS4 games tomorrow, including…


Yes, yes, that’s out tomorrow and I am overwhelmingly excited for it! Not only that, but I purchased Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires on Saturday off Amazon, and it arrived yesterday! Apparently Amazon deliver things themselves now, rather than use the frankly shoddy Royal Mail service, so now they deliver on Sundays. Convenient.

I’ll maybe write up some opinions of these 2 games once I get the chance to play them, so watch out for that!


I also purchased War for the Overworld recently. It’s the sequel to Dungeon Keeper 2 we all wanted but EA never gave us, made by fans of the DK series and Kickstarted by people who wanted to see this amazing series get the sequel it deserved. Again, I will play it more (and more and MORE AND MORE) and maybe do a write-up of it!

Maybe that’s what I’ll do in this slow time. Writing crappy reviews and junk. It’d certainly help my writing!


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