The downfall of the game WoW Token is apparently available in the US as of today, allowing you to purchase a token for 30 days of game time and sell it in the auction house for a princely sum of gold. Initial gold price will be 30k, which seems… well. $20 netting you 30k. Naturally it’s possible for the price to rise. $20 getting you 50k would be nice, but… what if it went the other way? $20 gets you 5k, oops. Better luck next time.

I’m curious as to what the EU or UK price will be. Still at a 20? £20 or Euros?

I hope not. £20 is nearly $30. £13.50 would achieve parity but I doubt that’d happen.

Anyway, that’s a thing. I’m curious how far the price of the token falls in these first days and weeks. Or rises, I suppose.



Sunbuer hit level 100 the other day, and I sorted out a transmog for her! Well, apart from the staff. I’ll try and find something pretty at some point. I was thinking the Frostscythe of Ahune, but that’s a random drop from a seasonal boss, so I’ll have to cross my fingers I guess.



Ikralla Adnap hit level 20 in Rogue! Time to go do the class quest! As part of the main questline, I did my first 3 dungeons too! Sastasha, Tam-Tara Deepcroft, and Copperbell Mines. I tell you, dungeon queues are the same as WoW! 20 minutes as a DPS, but that’s where the similarities end. The people seem way more… well, nice. I announced I was a bit of a newbie to dungeons and FFXIV in general, and people were nice, and explained fights, how to use the Limit Break attack, and generally helped me through it! I even got 2 player commendations, whatever they are. I guess people like my stabbing.

It’s vastly different from Warcraft, where one time I announced I hadn’t done a dungeon before (Heroic Stonecore, way back when) and I got kicked from the group for it. Groups in WoW nowadays for some reason seem to flit from entirely silent, to outright hostile, with no middle ground and no deviation. On the contrary, people in FFXIV have been helpful, chatty, humourous.

Obviously your mileage may vary. I’ve no doubt that WoW has its saints and FFXIV its sinners, but thankfully I’ve not run into them yet.


2 thoughts on “Token

  1. Talarian

    Remember for the WoW Token you have a price guarantee. If you sell a token for $20, the gold at the time of listing is what you’ll get when it sells, regardless of what it actually sells at eventually. If the price dips to 5k gold, but you listed the token when it was 30k, you’ll get 30k.

  2. Dan

    Commendations are these points you can earn at the end of dungeons and trials from players you pugged with (you can’t receive any from people you joined the instance with so no farming). Commendations have some really nice prizes to them when you earn enough.


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