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I have nothing to post about WoW today. There was something about a hotfix to heirloom item levels that I don’t particularly care about, and that’s it.

Instead, I’m going to talk about something else, because technically it affects me.


Let me be perfectly honest here. It’s not an issue I feel terribly strongly about, because frankly I don’t want one. The Boyfriend and I are the “we don’t need paper to prove our love!” kinda people, but it’s also because weddings have a habit of getting very expensive, and we have things we’d rather spend our money on, like holidays and game consoles.

And Mortal Kombat X.

Anyway. I also don’t have a personal investment in gay adoption, purely because I severely dislike children and thus don’t want one.

However, just because I don’t wanna get gay married doesn’t mean I think other fellow homosexuals shouldn’t. The key thing here is people, whether straight or gay, getting married has no effect on me. It’s other people living their life. It doesn’t impact on my job, or ability to live with my boyfriend, or my religion (or lack of one). It doesn’t cause earthquakes, the sun still shines occasionally (Welsh weather isn’t fantastic, but it’s not my fault it rains so much), the Earth isn’t splitting open and swallowing Brighton, San Francisco, and other places referred to as “Gay Capital of Wherever”.

It doesn’t affect me, it doesn’t affect anyone else either apart from the 2 people marrying, yet still people stand against it.

People who oppose gay marriage tend to focus on 4 reasons in particular:

  • God doesn’t like it!
  • It devalues NORMAL marriage!
  • It threatens religious freedom!
  • What’s next? Marrying DOGS? TREES?

I’ll tell you what devalues “traditional” marriage. Britney Spears’ 55 hour marriage. Heck, anyone who gets divorced! People who marry just for a visa. People who get married and don’t have kids, ’cause that’s something else the religious types espouse, the concept that marriage is for procreation only. I doubt gay marriage is devaluing it any further than it already has been.

The whole “it offends God argument” is just silly. How on Earth do we know? He’s not making messages in the sky. The Bible wasn’t written by him, and as we all know it can be interpreted in hundreds of different ways.

The slippery slope argument is… it’s insane. Let’s mention the fact that paedophilia, bestiality etc is illegal and homosexuality is not, so the whole “it opens up all sorts of EVIL possibilities!” argument falls at the first hurdle. THE LAW.

Threatens religious freedom? The argument here is apparently religious officials will be forced to do ceremonies they disagree with or face legal proceedings. But the thing here is, the majority of places that allow gay marriage also have clauses that exempt religious officials from marrying same-sex couples if they object to it, if it contravenes their personal beliefs.. Surely this means that religious freedom isn’t threatened at all?

So basically, gay marriage doesn’t fucking affect you unless you’re getting one. Stop blaming us for the downfall of society and the end of the world because we have the audacity to want to get married one day.

I may not want to get married now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the option in the future. Maybe I’ll feel differently. I want the decision in my hands, rather than in the hands of people I don’t even know.


It’s April 1st. There’ll be a lot of bullshit on the internet today. Watch out.


One thought on “Feelings

    melbrankin said:
    April 5, 2015 at 10:46 am

    Gay marriage has been legal here in New Zealand for a while now, nothing changed except some people in love could marry. As a straight guy who one day may marry my partner of 17 years Im happy that everyone has the option – even if I dont want to use it myself right now.

    Love is love is my belief – consenting adults should be able to express love to each other in the way they choose without some stone-age law getting in their way.

    If you look on YouTube you can see the marriage equality debate that was in Parliament – and see what happens at the end of the debate, its magical 😀

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