WoW Blog 30 Challenge

Back at the start of March, I decided to take part in this little challenge. Could I blog every day for 30 days in a row?

Turns out yes, I certainly can! Today marks 30 out of 30! It’s not something I can keep up I think, I certainly struggled for things to write some days! Still, I’d like to thank The Pink Pally for organising it, and everyone who supported me, directly or indirectly, over the last month! This has helped me get firmly back in the blogging saddle after a month where I couldn’t write anything, which is fantastic!

A happy ending!

Final Fantasy XIV

Ikralla is level 14. So close to 15, when I can ditch Pugilist and take up Rogue!

The armor sets in this game amuse me slightly. They’re either hilariously skimpy, or overly layered. Take this set:



A few quests got me this set, and it looks like she’s wearing some sort of kung-fu bikini. Several quests later, and Ikralla looks like:


Basically Anneka Rice from Challenge Anneka or Treasure Hunt. I feel compelled to ride in a helicopter and solve riddles whenever I look at her.

World of Warcraft

Any WoW developments?



Lunchi is now toting an item level of 631, thanks to a few upgrades from Highmaul! She’s also sitting on 84 Abrowhatever Stones. Only got 1 Cluster! Bah!

A word of advice for people doing LFR, particularly Mar’gok. KILL THE FUCKING ADDS, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GREEN AND FEL.

In Other News

  • I’d freaking love another series of Challenge Anneka or Treasure Hunt. Bring back Anneka!
  • I’m 29 on Friday. Eeeek. Going to a restaurant that day called Viva Brazil! Gotta be home early, I have work at 4am the next day. Screw you, Easter.
  • I’m a massive bundle of negativity at the moment. I keep seeing things and hearing things that make me overwhelmingly angry. I rant about things on Twitter every so often, maybe you’ve seen it. I’m also getting steadily angrier with things going on at work, but I’m not really going to put too much focus on that because it’s just infuriating.

Gonna do my garrison missions. Play some FF14. Maybe do a bit of combo practice in Street Fighter. Things like that tend to relax me. It’s not even a “taking my anger out on things” sorta thing. Combo practice is repetitive. It’s almost… numbing. Focus on that, not on the irritation.

It’s why, when I rant on Twitter about injustices and whatnot, I then state that I’m gonna do some sort of repetitive activity, whether that’s practicing EX Senkugoshoha combos, organising garrison missions, or questing in Eorzea. It helps me relax, it helps me calm down. I don’t like being angry. I’m an incredibly unpleasant person when I’m angry. I mean, sure, most people are, but me particularly so. I shout. I swear. I lash out inwardly, if that makes sense. Anything I can do to stop me doing that is a help.

I guess what I’m trying to say is THANKS VIDEO GAMES, YOU KEEP ME SANE!

I have the Challenge Anneka theme in my head. Send help.

I have the Challenge Anneka theme in my head. Send help.


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