It’s Sunday, which means a day of chilling out! Barring the fact my back is in agony, I was awake at 4am because I had work, and the TERRIBLE weather, it’s going pretty good so far.

World of Warcraft

People are speculating that patch 6.2 will go on the PTR sometime soon. That’d be nice. News. Details. The game moving forward, rather than sitting where it is now. We’d all like that, wouldn’t we?

What news will it bring for Warlocks and Monks? Warriors and Priests? Will we see Ember generation attached to Rain of Fire again? Will Gladiator see further nerfs? Will Monk see some sort of change that knocks them off the pedestal of “Best Tank 2015”? I wait with bated breath!

Something something Priests?

Something something Priests?

Final Fantasy XIV

Having joined the Greysky Armada, Ikralla finds herself in Horizon’s Edge, looking to get to level 15 at some point.


Trouble is, she keeps getting distracted by amusing conversations, filling in her hunting log, reading up on non-combat things like crafting and gathering, and general faffing. It’s that general faffing that’ll get you! PROcrastination.


Here’s how Ikralla looks at the moment. She’s a catgirl with claws! Mreow!

Mortal Kombat X

It’s my birthday on Friday the 3rd! I asked the boyfriend to pre-order MKX for my birthday for me on the PS4. This means we’re finally getting a PS4 soon! Roll on the 14th, I say. Gotta get my Kung Lao fix!


Here’s the character select screen so far. See those 4 empty boxes? That probably means we have 4 more characters left to see, unless one of those boxes is dedicated to some sort of radial DLC character select menu.

Now, two of those spaces will be filled with Jax (he was recently confirmed as playable accidentally when a Carl Weathers skin was revealed for him) and his daughter Jacqui, but who will the other 2 spaces be filled with? New characters? Returning ones? I can’t wait to find out!

I have my fingers and toes crossed for Cyrax, I really do. If each character has 3 variants, then have Cyrax’s first variation be classic Cyrax, with nets and bombs. Have the second be based more on Sektor, with missiles and flamethrowers, and the third more based on… I dunno, Smoke? Teleports, invisibilty shenanigans, that sorta thing.

Oh, I can hope. I can hope so hard.



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