It’s important to feel like you’re making progress in a game. In Final Fantasy 14, my progress is constant, as I have a new character. I level up every so often, instant progression! A quest reward may give me a new piece of armor, or a weapon, or just some experience and gil, and the effect is that it moves me forward.


I’m progressing in Warcraft too, though not in a similar fashion, considering I’m at max level. I’m only an LFR player so my progress will likely be slower than most, but my warlock is slowly gearing up. She’s got the first of 3 Elemental Tablets (made from 300 Elemental Runes! 9 or 27 of them drop from bosses, plus there’s missions for 18 of them and you can get them in work orders too), she’s got a couple new pieces of gear too. Progress.

Working towards things, striding ever onward, but what happens when you’ve progressed as far as you feel you can? Numerous people seem to be quitting the game, citing “nothing to do.”

I can sit here and say “YES THERE IS THERE’S SO MUCH!” but what I have an interest in (LFR, collecting things, levelling alts, etc) may not pique the interest of someone who’s a hardcore raider done with progression, or someone who’s collected all the battle pets and beaten all the trainers, or someone who may have just hit a stumbling block (seeing you have to collect 900 Elemental Runes is EXTREMELY daunting, considering how long it’s taken some to just get 125 Abrogator Stones).

So, I guess what I’m saying is it’s important to instill a sense of “I’m making PROGRESS!” in players, lest they feel like they’re done and move on, potentially never returning.

A tough ask, to be sure.



In Other News!

Today is LFR day, the day I spam LFRs on my characters for legendary quest items. To prevent a sort of LFR burnout, I’m only queuing for the instance relevant to the stage of the legendary quest I’m on. Raenah is collecting Elemental Runes, so I will queue her for Blackrock Forge, and ignore Highmaul. Lillorigga and Lunchi are still collecting Abrogator Stones, so I am ignoring Blackrock Forge in favour of Highmaul.

Lunchi has the added incentive of not having the item level for BRF yet, so there’s that.

I will do Lillorigga and Lunchi’s runs later. For now, I’m gonna have a shower and go out to lunch.


1 thought on “Progress

  1. wrathofkublakhan

    I think in WoW that I started off with a heavy Garrison focus and often thought “I have no time to do anything else.” Since then, I’ve “refocused” my Garrison activities (to Treasure Hunter) and can explore more and more in the game. I think many of the buildings (and their achievements and monuments) lead to activities; so I feel that I am progressing with a LOT to do!


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