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Persistence! Determination! Sheer, bloody luck.

Sorry 'bout that.
Sorry ’bout that.

I’m of course talking about soloing old raids for mounts. Over the course of yesterday evening and this morning, I have soloed Ulduar 6 times across 3 characters, hoping for Mimiron’s Head to drop (and Fragments of Valanyr on the monk too).

I have Ashes of Al’ar. I have Invincible. I have the mammoth from Wintergrasp and the horse from Karazhan. The ones I am focusing on now are the above-mentioned Mimiron’s Head, and the mounts from Ragnaros, Ultraxion and Madness of Deathwing.

I don’t do every boss every week, that’d drive me insane. Sure, my way of “focus on a few at a time” may take longer, but that’s just the way I roll!

I really, really want Mimiron’s Head though. I love the model, I love the noise it makes when it flies. I love the fact I’d be the only one in my guild with it!

Yet here I am, doomed to wait another week for another failed attempt, ever hopeful that THIS TIME, this time it WILL drop.

At least it’s easy to do now. On my warrior and warlock, the fights are easily nuked on 10 man, and when you defeat Vezax, you just switch to 25 man and face down Yogg Saron.

For the monk, I’m doing it on 25, primarily because the bosses also drop Fragments of Val’anyr, a legendary weapon I’d quite like to acquire. Feat of Strength, and I think it’s one of the weapons nobody in the guild has yet, so guild FoS too!

Look at me, being all considerate. Ish.

*shakes fist*
*shakes fist*

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