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Wait what? What game are you playing? Jeez.

There’s so much to do I can barely fit it all in!

  • LFR for legendary questlines on 3 characters, with a 4th to come soon.
  • Speaking of the 4th, she’s level 96 and a bit, and she’s faffing around in the Spires of Arak. She took the smuggler’s den for her outpost and got Ziri’ak the second time she summoned the vendor-bloke, which is nice.
  • Lunchi’s followers are FINALLY level 100. Now comes the bloody awful slog of gearing them up. Thankfully she has a salvage yard which seems to be giving me a good amount of upgrade tokens!
  • She needs to make them epic too, but one step at a time.
  • Fishing. All my characters need fishing. I don’t know why I’m suddenly dead set on this. Maybe I want them all to have Nat Pagle?
  • Speaking of potential followers, Harrison bloody Jones needs to show up more. AND MURADIN NEEDS TO GO HOME.
  • Raiding with Leashes 3! Need all the pets!
  • Soloing Cataclysm raids for fun and profit. And mounts. Need mounts.
  • Solo Ulduar for fun and profit MIMIRON’S HEAD. YOU WILL DROP. I COMMAND IT.
  • I still have treasures to collect. Pets to battle. Archaeology to dig up. Followers to collect. I play the game SO MUCH and I have SO MUCH to do, and there’s people moaning there’s nothing to do?

What fuckin’ game you playing? ’cause it’s certainly not the same one I am.


In other news, the boyfriend and I are playing King of Fighters XIII more recently. He’s rather good with Maxima and Hwa Jai (frustratingly so, in fact) whereas my best characters are Andy Bogard and his love interest/pseudo stalker Mai Shiranui.


You can edit the colours of characters in the game, so a lot of my time may well be spent making my characters look amazing.

I’d best get on that.



    Compwhiz 3001 said:
    March 21, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    You’re absolutely right, there is just way too much to keep yourself busy in World of Warcraft. And every game will have its whiners.

    However, I can also empathize with the notion that it’s tough to keep going in WoW after a while, even with everything available to do. For a few years (years!) I did pretty much variations of what you describe, only back in the Cata and later Mists days. Eventually, you get tired of chasing Blizzard’s carrot on a stick and it all gets stale. Variations on a theme. In a pure video game sense, the MMO genre is the least fulfilling, because there is no end and you always feel like you have something else you are supposed to be doing.

    I played since WoW launched and I feel I finally buried my desire to play. Looking back, I think the #1 thing needed to play WoW successfully are friends, either real or in-game. All of my real and in-game friends left WoW long after I continued playing, and eventually I ended in a rut. Even just having a few players with a shared in-game interest to play with regularly can anchor everything else you want to do an MMO. But without those friends, you’ll lose your bearings quick.

    And maybe it’s just me, but I found in today’s WoW climate it next to impossible to make in-game friends cold. It’s like meeting new people in the zombie apocalypse – everyone is jaded, viewing you as a potential enemy.

    Sorry this morphed into a rant. I’m just trying to say, enjoy WoW and all it has to offer and don’t worry about what others complain about.

    Neri said:
    March 23, 2015 at 11:31 am

    There is still plenty to do, as you mentioned, but right now what it has to offer is not what I am looking for from my play time. That’s no fault of Blizzard’s and you certainly won’t catch me whining about it! If 6.2 looks good then I’ll definitely be back! 🙂

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