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Changer le Disc!

Looks like the item level hotfix to Blackrock Foundry items, the one that so may people seemed to equate to THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GAME AND EVERYTHING WE HOLD DEAR, is now live. And the PTR had a new build that made it a release client, and we all know this WoW Token is part of a massive slippery slope that will lead to THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GAME etc etc.

A 10% nerf to PvP damage, hotfixed in on March 11th, has been reverted. I don’t really follow a PvP crowd so I don’t know if this means THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GAME but I’m sure there’s doomsayers out there. I guess the fact it got reverted based on “player feedback” means the damage nerf was THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GAME.

It’s amusing how the game is in a state of constant shift, yet Warlocks seem to get no changes in hotfixes. Back in late November, Rain of Fire was nerfed massively, to the extent that it’s now useless, then during a Q&A later, after the rage had died down slightly (oh who am I kidding, we’re still mad), they admitted they were still looking at the spell, and want to handle the hotfix differently.

4 months later and nothing. Wonderful.



She’s level 94 now, and she still hasn’t got the Power Word: Shield perk. Boo hiss.

She’s going through Talador now, and I’ve made a couple improvements to her garrison! A Dwarven Bunker to improve items she gets while questing, and a level 2 Inn so she can recruit new followers, which’ll obviously never be pandas because RNG sucks.

May upgrade the mine soon as well, as she’s a miner/engineer to go with her priestliness. Get me some ore, make some bombs, level faster, take over the world.

It may not be the most useful talent in, like, ANY circumstance, but I like the idea of her thinking nothing of controlling the minds of people that I’ll never remove the Dominate Mind talent from her!



Thursday means I go out to lunch at Coffee #1! I like to treat myself to it once a week. I don’t work Wednesday or Thursday, so this is like my Sunday today, and who doesn’t like to treat themselves on Sunday?


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