44 Big Crates of Salvage

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Raenah the Warlock has 44 Big Crates of Salvage in her inventory. She also has 4 of the crappy small bags.


I’ve mostly emptied her inventory, and we’re going to open them all!


I also stupidly went and collected my Enchanting work orders, so ignore things before the Temporal Crystals! That’s a nonsensical mess right there, so let’s sort it out!



So what do we have? First off, in the white area, we have all the vendor trash, which amounted to 157g 86s 96c. Not bad so far. None of those items have any use besides selling, so they served a good purpose.

Running Total: 157g 86s 96c

In the red area, we have various green items, and a blue item. Some of this is potential transmog gear, so let’s sell off some of the items first. These’ll be the rings, necklaces and bracers, as they don’t show up in transmog.

Running Total: 170g 7s 65c

The items in the purple area are ones that disenchant into Draenic Dust. From these 5 items, I got 24 dust. Practically swimming in it.

The yellow area has all the follower upgrade tokens. Next to that in the blue area are the Draenor profession materials that I will end up distributing to various alts. 12 True Iron Ore, 36 Nagrand Arrowbloom, 7 Raw Beast Hide, 5 Frostweed, 18 Starflower, 6 Fireweed. Fantastic.

Of the items still in the red area, I look at the items and sell off the ugly ones, ones I doubt will sell as transmog. We’re left with pretty weapons and lovely armor! Usually skimpy ones because for some reason people like them!

Running Total: 449g 56s 98c

Now I fly to Stormshield! I check out the Auction House, throw on some items and vendor others that won’t make much gold, which leaves:

Running Total: 474g 91s 44c


Let’s hope these items sell!

All in all, not a fantastic haul. No epic 665 items, few follower tokens, but… what’s this?

There’s an item I didn’t talk about.

An item I didn’t highlight. Between the red and purple areas.


This item.

This item is MINE.


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