In with the Old, In with the New

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The New

I got paid on Friday, and as a treat I bought myself 2 new games that I am yet to play, but probably will on my days off; Darkest Dungeon, and The Escapists.


Darkest Dungeon is apparently a roguelike dungeon crawler, which I take to mean random dungeons, turn-based battle, and the humourously terrifying-sounding PERMADEATH. It’s still in Early Access in Steam, which means it’s playable but not yet finished, but I’ve already heard many good things about it so I’m looking forward to giving it a go!


The Escapists is a sandbox game set in a prison! Whereas sandbox games are typically set in a huge open-world setting, because this is set in a prison it’s more of a closed-world! You have routine, you have things to do, you have a debt to repay to society, and your objective is to escape!


Though it’s not a new game, I’ve started occasionally playing as a new character in Ultra Street Fighter 4! Though I still mainly focus my attentions on Poison and Gouken, I’ve started picking Decapre against the boyfriend more recently too. She’s a tricky little bugger to play as AND against. She’s all about setups and teleports and exploiting little gaps in your opponent’s gameplay.

She also has a pretty kickass theme tune, so that’s always good!

The Old


In World of Warcraft news, I’m levelling Sunbuer, the Priest I seem to have envisioned as an arrogant, slightly mad Pandaren hell-bent on showing the world exactly what she can do. She’s level 92, she got the Enhanced Leap of Faith perk (I wanted the perk for Power Word: Shield, seeing as I’m using that spell a LOT), and I’m planning on getting all the garrison followers I can from Shadowmoon Valley before I shuttle her off to Gorgrond.


In terms of Pokemon Omega Ruby, I’m hoping to get my team to around level 55-60 before I throw them at the Elite 4. Currently, Lampent is at level 68, Xatu is 43, Pangoro is 46, Pikachu is 53, Deino is 45 and Samurott is at 50. A little way to go! My team may not be balanced in any sense of the word, but I use Pokemon I like, so balance is not really a huge concern of mine!

Not until I start battling real people, at least!


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