Why Are We In Draenor?

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I’m not asking why the expansion is set in Draenor, or criticizing it. I’m asking from the perspective of our characters. Why did they decide to go to Draenor and face the Iron Horde? Our characters have different motivations and feelings about the whole palava, I’m sure!

Now, while I’m not an RP type, nor am I a very creative person, I do like to imagine my characters having their own distinct personalities. It kinda makes me more invested in them as characters, and the game as a whole. Why do my characters fight? I’m going to briefly talk about my 3 level 100’s, and the character I’m levelling at the moment, starting with…

Raenah: Warlock



Raenah’s your typical Warlock, in that she plays with dangerous magic, and is generally looking for ways to become even more powerful. During the events on the Isle of Thunder, she came across a tome that led her on a journey back to Stormwind, then across Outland, culminating with a showdown with Kanrethad Ebonlocke, probably one of the most powerful living Warlocks on Azeroth (or, technically, Outland).

They fought.

She won.

She siphoned his power, making her orange fire turn a demonic green, and she liked how it felt. Why did she go to Draenor? She figured if she could best the most powerful living Warlock of the time, she might as well have a go at the greatest Warlock of them all. The first Warlock.

She’s going for Gul’dan.

Lillorigga: Warrior


Lillorigga always fought for justice. She wielded sword and shield and defended those that couldn’t defend themselves.

Since she left the Wandering Isle, she never really felt at home on Azeroth until she went to Pandaria. When she first stepped into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, she felt for the first time like she was at home.

Then HE destroyed the place. He came and corrupted the Vale almost beyond repair, then when he was defeated, they didn’t execute him where he lay, but IMPRISONED him! Put him on trial! Allowed him to ESCAPE!

Lillorigga changed then. Her shield, once an instrument to defend the weak, would instead become almost as another weapon. She would go to Draenor, hunt down Garrosh Hellscream, and end his pitiful life like she should have done in Orgrimmar.

Lillorigga is angry. She’s coming. She will cut down any that stand in her way.

Lunchi: Monk


Lunchi left the Wandering Isle with curiosity in her heart. She joined the Alliance because… she doesn’t even know. Because they asked first? When she returned from the Pandaria campaign and the Siege of Orgrimmar, she felt the wanderlust too strong to ignore. She went to Northrend and met people who told her of the scourge, the Lich King, of Old Gods and mad dragons. She met many Night Elves, Draenei and Worgen in Kalimdor, and ventured too far north in the Eastern Kingdoms and was chased from Silvermoon by Blood Elves who recognised her as a member of the Alliance. She was about to visit the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands when things got crazy.

The portal changed. Orcs spewed forth. When the call went out for heroes to push through the portal to whatever lay beyond, she was one of the first to sign up.

A whole new world to explore? How could she resist?

Sunbuer: Priest


Cocksure. Arrogant. Insufferable. Selfish. Such words may not usually trip off the tongue when asked to describe a disciple of the Light, but Sunbuer was never your average Priest.

As a healer, knowing she holds your life in her paws gives her an overwhelming sense of joy. Her unfailing belief that she is infallible and without equal in her mastery of the light gives her a bit of a God complex, not that she’d admit that.

Her ever-changing mood means she’s as likely to heal you with the light as she is to blast your mind with shadow.

Why would she set foot into Draenor? Because if she helps bring down this Iron Horde, then the whole of Azeroth would owe her a favour.

She likes it when she’s owed a favour.


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