A Day of What?

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Today is going to be a day where I actually play things other than WoW. Of course, I’ll check in on missions and whatnot, see what wonderous treasures await me when I complete them (more to disenchant, most likely), then I may play The Sims 4.

Maybe I’ll play Football Manager 2015.

Torchilight 2! I haven’t even STARTED that one yet.

Civilization: Beyond Earth?

Saints Row 4?

Fallout: New Vegas? Gotta see what Frisky McBiscuit is up to after all.

The point is, I have so many games to play, and World of Warcraft has this habit of pushing them aside in favour of itself. I’m not complaining, I do love me some awesome Monk & Warlock action, but sometimes it’s nice to play other games too!

Of course, every time I say this, I end up playing WoW anyway, so I guess I can’t really win here.



Future things to do in WoW:

  • Raenah the Warlock is now collecting Elemental Runes to turn into Elemental Tablets. Legendary quest progressing nicely!
  • Lillorigga the Warrior and Lunchi the Monk are collecting those stupid Abrogator Stones. Bah.
  • Raenah and Lillorigga are 640+, Lunchi is at 622, so she may need to do a few Heroic dungeons while waiting for LFR to reset next week. She’s got a 588 neck that direly needs replacing!
  • MORE TRANSMOG. Transmog forever! All characters get pretty clothes!
  • Lixiu the Hunter may get levelled at some point. That way, I’ll have a cloth-wearer, a leather-wearer, a mail-wearer and plate-wearer at level 100! I don’t know why that’s important to me.
  • Lunchi’s garrison! Followers! Level them all! Get them epic! Next building to level up will be the Dwarven Bunker, as I want the follower upgrades.

So, a few things to do.


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