Supremacy or Synergy?

A question I seem to be getting a lot is on the subject of the level 75 talents. Which is better, Grimoire of Supremacy or Grimoire of Synergy? Well, the simple answer is SYNERGY. I’m also curious as to why you’re discounting Grimoire of Service, as that’s better than Supremacy in most situations too!


Single Target + Demonic Servitude

For single target, Grimoire of Service coupled with Demonic Servitude is the best setup. Use the Doomguard as your pet, and every 2 minutes use the Grimoire of Service: Doomguard cooldown to summon a second one.

Grimoire of Supremacy is the second best when taken with Demonic Servitude. Terrorguard as your pet, and no cooldowns to have to play with.

Single Target + Demonbolt

Service is again the best option here, but in second place is Grimoire of Synergy. Synergy, however, requires you to have good RNG luck and the ability to take full advantage of the proc. Service and Supremacy are easier to deal with, and Service is higher DPS anyway.

Demonbolt is slightly lower in DPS than Demonic Servitude as of 6.1 though.

Single Target + Cataclysm

Again, Service and Synergy are the top two. When Synergy pops, use Cataclysm for a superpowered nuke!

Demonbolt and Cataclysm are almost identical in DPS. They pale compared to Demonic Servitude in single target.

Cleave (2 targets) + Cataclysm

Cataclysm is the top cleave talent, and Synergy works best with it. Again, Synergy procs, blow things up.

Service is the second best talent, and operates independent of Cataclysm. Use both on cooldown whenever you can.

Cleave + Demonbolt

We’re back to Service being on top again, followed by Synergy.

Cleave + Demonic Servitude

It’s Service and Supremacy here.

4+ Targets + Cataclysm

I’ll be honest, in an AoE situation, you do NOT want to be taking anything OTHER than Cataclysm, as it completely eclipses the other talents.

Synergy comes out on top here, provided you have good RNG. Synergy does require you to be pretty good at tracking and using procs, and cooldown stack.

Grimoire of Supremacy is the second best talent here, and may provide higher DPS than Synergy if you have bad RNG with procs.


I’ve said what the best talents for each situation are, but with the exception of AoE (where you take definitely Cataclysm), you can take Grimoire of Service, Supremacy OR Synergy and do great numbers. Though each situation may well have a setup that yields higher DPS, the DPS yield between each setup is only marginally different, so it comes to that old adage of play whatever you think is the most fun, whatever you’re most comfortable with. Talents are balanced very evenly in 6.1 until you get to an AoE situation, where Cataclysm pulls ahead massively.

But if you absolutely must squeeze out every inch of DPS, here’s those “best” talent setups:

Single Target: Grimoire of Service, Archimonde’s Darkness, Demonic Servitude.

Cleave: Grimoire of Synergy, Archimonde’s Darkness, Cataclysm.

AoE: Grimoire of Synergy, Archimonde’s Darkness, Cataclysm.


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