Street Fighter V: Characters I’d Love to See!

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Street Fighter V was announced a while back, with 3 characters officially announced so far!

Of course, we have Ryu:


In the same trailer, we saw Chun Li as well:


And marking his first appearance since Street Fighter Alpha 3 back in 1998, Charlie!


At the end of Charlie’s announcement trailer, there was a brief teaser implying M. Bison would appear in the game too, taking the count so far to 4.

Street Fighter V is slated for release in Spring of next year, so there’s plenty of time for more characters to be revealed, and plenty of time for speculation!

I’m going to list a few characters I would like to see in the next installment of my favourite fighting game series! I’m going to list 1 character each from Street Fighter 1, 2, Alpha, 3, 4, and Street Fighter X Tekken, and how likely they are to actually make an appearance!

From Street Fighter 1: Geki


Geki made his debut in the first Street Fighter game way back in 1987, and hasn’t appeared since! Very little information is known about him, mainly due to the lack of story in the first game, and his lack of appearances since.

Likelihood: very, very unlikely. The whole claw-wielding thing has since been taken over by Vega, and the ninja aspect hijacked by Guy and Ibuki. It’d be nice for him to make an appearance though, get some story and let him into the modern era!

Street Fighter 2: Ken


Ken technically made his debut in the first game, but back then he was just a palette swap of Ryu. In 2 and beyond, he was fleshed out more as his own character, and is probably as iconic a Street Fighter character as Ryu and Chun Li themselves.

Trained alongside Ryu under Gouken, he witnessed the latter’s (not quite) death at the hands of Akuma, tried to avenge him and was knocked out in one hit. Oops.

Likelihood: In fairness, I was surprised he wasn’t revealed alongside Ryu instead of Chun Li. I’m be 99% sure he’ll be in V!

Street Fighter Alpha: Sakura



The young girl who idolises Ryu, and learnt his fighting style by watching it on TV! Street Fighter V is apparently set after Street Fighter IV (and maybe even after III), so it’d be interesting to see how her fighting style evolves as she gets older! It’d also be nice for her to not be wearing the damn school uniform!

It’s said that for her young age, she possesses incredible potential (seeing as she learnt to project energy from her hands by WATCHING SOMEONE ON TV. Someone who trained for YEARS to do that), and it’d be awesome to see that potential fulfilled in V.

Likelihood: 75%. She’s a popular character, but even though she has a variant style, Capcom might not want so many shoto-style characters this time around.

Street Fighter 3: Alex


Conceived as the main character of Street Fighter 3, Alex is a professional wrestler and kickboxer with traits alluding to Hulk Hogan! His fighting style is pretty unique, featuring many powerful grapples and surprising speed to dash about the place.

Alex seeks revenge for a brutal beatdown Gill, the final boss of SFIII, gave to his close friend Tom, then later went travelling where he encountered Ryu. Ryu handed his ass to him, but they maintain a friendly rivalry!

Likelihood: 50%. He’s a much-demanded character with a dedicated fan base, but more focus seems to be given to Dudley, Makoto, and Ibuki, other characters from III.

Street Fighter 4: Juri


Making her debut in Super Street Fighter 4, Juri is a South Korean taekwondo practitioner whose father was a lawyer trying to bring down Shadaloo, the criminal organization belonging to M. Bison. She, along with her family, were kidnapped, and during this time she lost her parents and the use of her left eye.

Fast forward several years, and you get a bionically-enhanced psychotic woman obsessed with inflicting pain on her opponents. Her story in Super Street Fighter 4 ends with her murdering Seth, her old boss, and taking over S.I.N., the weapons division of Shadaloo, with the intent of eventually taking down Bison.

Likelihood: She’s been built up as a potential major villain of the series, it’d be exciting to see her in V, see where her story takes her, and with Bison confirmed, Juri looks more likely. 80%

Street Fighter X Tekken: Poison


Although she debuted as a character in the Final Fight games, she joined Guy and Cody in the Street Fighter games in the crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken, and later joined the Ultra Street Fighter 4 cast.

I’ve already gone into reasons why I love her. She’s an ass-kicking trans dominatrix wrestling manager with a penchant for kicking people in the junk. What’s not to love?

Likelihood: I’m gonna be optimistic here and say 75%. She was a much-demanded character among fans, she’s got an interesting past, and she’s MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER SHE HAS TO BE IN IT.

Um, sorry about that.




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