The Thing About Alts

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Having 3 level 100’s means I have 3 garrisons.


Raenah was my first 100. Her garrison is level 3, she’s swimming in resources, all buildings bar the inn are level 3. Every active follower is level 100, every follower is epic, every follower has a relatively high item level.


Lillorigga was number 2. Her garrison is also level 3, and she’s got a lot of resources to boot. Her buildings aren’t as upgraded though, and her followers aren’t all 100 or epic. They DO have a higher average item level though, as she was the first character I had a Dwarven Bunker built on!


Lunchi was the third, and her garrison is struggling, frankly. It’s level 3 but with several empty plots. Her resources are constantly below 200, so no building upgrades or follower upgrades from the Bunker! Speaking of followers, despite me trying to level them as I was levelling her, they range from levels 92 to 100,  and I tell you levelling them is a damn chore.

The garrisons of Raenah and Lillorigga took damn AGES to come together, and frankly Lillorigga’s is still a work in progress, but Lunchi’s is so far away from being anywhere CLOSE to that standard. Any alts further down the line (probably hunter, potentially shaman and/or rogue too) will have this problem too.

So what can be done to solve this issue? I have a few ideas that are probably terrible.

  • Be able to transfer garrison resources to alts. Raenah and Lillorigga are swimming in around 8,000 at the moment, even with these new things to spend them on. Lunchi has around 100 at any given time.
  • Make the follower armor/weapon upgrades BoA, or at least the ones that upgrade you to a set item level (the 615/630/645 tokens). They (particularly the lower item level ones) are nigh-useless to Raenah, somewhat useful to Lillorigga but would be delightful for Lunchi.
  • Make learned blueprints account-wide. This is a small thing really, but it helps with the gold reserves.

Another thing with garrisons is that I seem to have the same setup on each character. Very little deviation, bar profession buildings.

  • Large plots: Barracks (5 extra followers) and Bunker (follower upgrades!).
  • Medium plots: Inn (followers with traits I want) and Trading Post (trade shit I don’t want for resources).
  • Small plots: Salvage Yard, profession-specific building 1, profession specific building 2 OR Storehouse.

Maybe one day I’ll go crazy and have an alt with a Barn or Stables, then I’ll knock the bastard down and stick one of the above USEFUL buildings there.

I’m also probably slightly bitter that I only have one Pandaren follower so far, Fen Cinderpaw.

He is wonderful though!
He is wonderful though!

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