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Yeah, I’ve watched the 6.1 legendary quest cinematic. Yeah, I thought it was awesome. No, I’m not going to post anything spoileriffic and spoil the days of people who don’t wanna know what happens.

The trouble is, a lot of people haven’t been able to avoid the spoilers. Some sites just have it all right there on their main page, other people are talking about it on Twitter without any form of censoring or anything.

This goes for any form of media, but not marking spoilers as spoilers is really, really rude. it makes you a massive douche.

Whether it’s the end of Breaking Bad, which got spoiled in Trade Chat in WoW for me, the 6.1 cinematic which is being openly blah-blahed about all over the place, or who dies in the next episode of Game of Walking Thronedeads or whatever, spoiling shit for people who haven’t had a chance to see it yet (for whatever reason!) is just a really spiteful thing to do, even if that’s not your intention.

Maybe they watch it on the +1 channel. Maybe they want to experience the plot in-game. Maybe they can’t watch Eastenders today, and will watch it tomorrow, but oh no, you’ve talked about how Ian Beale went crazy and murdered Frank Butcher with Janine’s stilettos or something (it’s been a LONG time since I’ve watched it properly, are they still in it?) and what an unexpected shock that was!

Well, it’s ruined for someone now.

Of course, there is a limit to what constitutes a spoiler. Aeris died, Darth Vader was Luke’s father. The lady throws that gaudy piece of shit jewellery in the ocean. Stuff that’s been out so long, almost everybody knows it even if they’ve not played Final Fantasy 7 or watched Star Wars or Titanic.

But something that has just come out? Something that’s an ongoing thing?

Try and warn people before you start running your mouth (or fingers!) about it. Use a hashtag on Twitter so people can mute it. Warn people so they can temporarily mute YOU. Just be more considerate.

Here's your daily panda picture.
Here’s your daily panda picture.

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