Raiding With Leashes 3

6.1 brings us the third installment in the Raiding With Leashes series, which sees old raid bosses drop awesome battle pets. We’re still in the Burning Crusade era, but these pets drop from the awesome Black Temple, the so-so Sunwell and the horrible Hyjal Summit.

Let’s start with that one first!


Hyjal Summit

Stinkrot: anethron

Anethron is the second boss of Hyjal Summit, and it’s a tank & spank. Literally no difficulty here. The difficulty actually stems from the first boss, Rage Winterchill, and that’s only if you’re stubborn enough to stand in his Death & Decay. It deals percentage-based damage, so it will ravage you if you let it. The Stinkrot item is the Smelly Gravestone.

grotesque: azgalor

Go with Grimoire of Sacrifice with this one, else he’ll use Doom on you and you’ll die after 20 seconds. Of course, this is only a worry if you have low DPS. Tank & spank otherwise. Item is the Grotesque Statue.

hyjal wisp: Archimonde

Yeah, the final boss himself, which means you WILL have to go through thewhole damn place. Grimoire of Sacrifice again, as going with a pet will mean you have to face Air Burst, and falling damage can be a very likely contributor to your death. It’s cute how the wisp drops from Archimonde, as it’s the wisps that ended up killing Archy! The item is Hyjal Wisp.


Black Temple

leviathan hatchling: high warlord Naj’entus

Again go petless, or he may end up spearing you. Frankly though it’s a non-issue as your DPS should get him down before he bubbles, at least at level 100. If he DOES bubble? Wait it out. Sure he’ll become immune and start healing, but it won’t last forever. Item is a Leviathan Egg.

Abyssius: supremus

There is literally nothing here that will pose a challenge. Item is the Shard of Supremus.

Fragment of Anger/desire/suffering: reliquary of the lost

3 pets drop from this encounter, and of course it’s a relatively easy encounter. Trouble is, Essence of Desire has a nasty little trick in the form of a shield that damages you when you damage her. Take it slightly slow, keep an eye on your health and heal if need be, and watch out for the Deaden debuff! Anger and Suffering are easy tank & spanks. Items you are looking for are Fragment of Anger, Fragment of Desire and Fragment of Suffering.

sister of temptation: mother shahraz

It’s a miniature succubus! You need her in your life so your succubus demon has company! Mother Shahraz is not difficult, however she has a habit of putting a LONG silence on you. Item is the Sultry Grimoire.


Sunwell Plateau

sunblade micro-defender: Brutallus

Let your voidlord tank, stay behind Brutallus, and this fight will be magnificently easy. The item you want is the Sunblade Rune of Activation.

wretched servant: eredar twins

When one of the twins dies, the other one enrages and her damage can be a little bit worrying, so DPS one down to a low state first, then kill off the other one. The item you need is the Servant’s Bell. Make sure you kill all the trash between Felmyst (the previous boss) and these two, else they may not spawn.

chaos pup: m’uru/entropius

This fight used to be the “guild killer” and now it’s an easy-peasy tank & spank. The item you are hoping to loot here is the Void Collar.

So, what’s next? Well, Burning Crusade raids are all done, so could we see new pets added to Wrath raids? Mini Yogg-Sarons? Mini Mimirons? Mini tentacles and Mini Jaraxxus? Let’s hope so!


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