A Quick Pokemon Post!

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Right-oh, for Christmas the boyfriend purchased me Pokemon Omega Ruby, which was lovely of him. I’ve been playing it on-and-off, and I’ve just got my 8th badge, gone through Victory Road, and beaten Wally (barely). Now comes the time of a bit of level grinding!

The team I have now is the team I wanna keep on using, even if I go online and do some battles there. What team? THIS ONE

Pangoro, lv68

Because let’s be honest, did you REALLY think I’d pass up the chance to have a panda Pokemon on my team? He hits like an absolute MONSTER, has the Iron Fist ability which powers up his punching attacks further, and a nature that boosts the speed stat (which is lovely) and lowers his special attack stat (which Pangoro don’t use anyway).



Definitely my favourite psychic-type, and one of my favourite Pokemon overall, if Pangoro is my physical powerhouse, then Xatu is (one of) my special attacker(s)! Has a habit of being annoying to fight against too, thanks to the fact it can learn Thunder Wave AND Confuse Ray. Parafusion’s a bitch.

Lampent (GHOST/FIRE)
Lampent (GHOST/FIRE)

If Xatu is my annoyer, then Lampent is my heavy artillery. Massive special attack stat, and he’s not even fully evolved yet! Rockin’! Burning the enemy day and night, scary ol’ ghosty give you a fright!

So there’s my team thus far. Only 3, such a slacker. I’m planning on getting a few more though:

Hydreigon (DARK/DRAGON)
Hydreigon (DARK/DRAGON)

Another dark type? Well yeah, it looks too awesome to NOT use. I’m all about using the pokemon I like most, rather than what everyone else considers “top tier”. That being said, Hydreigon’s no slouch. Powerful, relatively quick, and awesome-looking. He’s got it all.

Sylveon (FAIRY)
Sylveon (FAIRY)

The cutest Pokemon that lurks on my team, Sylveon is relatively slow, but packs a hefty wallop sp.atk-wise, and has a mean sp.def to match. Acts as a nice support Pokemon too, thanks to having Baton Pass, which allows you to switch to a different Pokemon, but retain any stat boosts!

Let’s be honest though, you see me using strategy like that in my fights? HELL NO, use what hits hardest!

Galvantula (BUG/ELECTRIC)
Galvantula (BUG/ELECTRIC)

Because despite being a massive spider (IT’S 2 FOOT 7 INCHES TALL) made of electricity, it actually looks cute! Speedy little BUGger too! (Get it? Bug! Huh? HUH? Fine)

So there we go. Obligatory Pokemon post. I’d give you my friend code but hot damn, my team is nowhere NEAR ready and you’d totally wipe the floor with me.


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