Daily, Nightly, Ever So Rightly

Anyway, in 6.1 (as announced) we have a new series of quests–tasks, if you will–that will be daily, and also be randomized among you and your friends. So people will be able to coordinate, and visit each others Garrisons, and get these tasks. There’s a variety of quest types, and then multiple missions within each type, and so you can just do yours, or really make sure you do all of the types each day by coordinating with friends/guild mates. Rewards vary but they’re all very opt-in in nature. There are a bunch of achievements, some fun rewards, and some interactions with professions and crafting materials.

The subject of dailies popped up yesterday. Daily quests! A nightmarish subject for some who remember the gating of Mists reputations back in 5.0, and the mandatory-ness of them (want your best profession recipes? Best do those dailies!). The sheer outcry of “WE HATE DAILIES OH MY ACTUAL GOD” prompted Blizzard to adopt a more free-form style of endgame that we see now, which seems to have prompted the exact opposite reaction, of “WHERE’S MY DAILIES? THERE’S NOTHING TO DO OH MY ACTUAL GOD” thus proving Blizzard really are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Reaction to this news goes as follows:

I don’t want to have to interact with others to get quests, waah

Then why are you playing an MMO? The whole damn thing is BUILT around social interaction. Even if you DON’T want to interact with people, just do YOUR daily quest and wait for the others to be available.

BiS gear and enchants were gated behind rep and dailies, it’s going to happen again, waah

From the sounds of what Bashiok said, these daily quests will have fun achievements and rewards, making them OPTIONAL CONTENT for those min-maxers who want every single piece of gear be their best-in-slot. In other words, stop complaining, you’re getting things you can safely ignore.

I don’t like garrisons, this seems like more garrison stuff waah

Garrisons are here. They’re a feature. You don’t like them? Do the bare minimum with them and go do OTHER things. Do your profession cooldowns, which frankly you’d do anyway if they weren’t tied to the garrison, and get out into the world and do what you want. Your bank is in the garrison? There’s one in Ashran too. Herbs and ores? There’s many all over Draenor, not just the garrison. Raid loot from missions? Yeah, once every two weeks or so, and you can frankly just RAID to get raid loot.

Forced interaction with toxic people waah

Nobody’s forcing you to interact with assholes. Do you have people on your battlenet friend list? A guild you can ask? Declaring the entire community to be “toxic” makes you sound a bit like an asshole yourself, buddy boy.

So basically, we’ve gone from having FAR TOO MANY dailies and huge amounts of people complaining, to getting ONE daily and huge amounts of people complaining, to getting SOME dailies and loads of people complaining again. Complaining about having to interact with other people in a game where MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE PLAY? Complaining about content that ISN’T EVEN MANDATORY. Isn’t even IMPLEMENTED yet.

Yes, I am fully aware that the groups that complained about too many dailies are most likely not 100% the same people complaining about too few, but why on Earth does it FEEL like it is?

Basically, stop fucking whinging about getting content you DON’T HAVE TO DO. Don’t like it? DON’T DO IT. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us who might WANT to.



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2 thoughts on “Daily, Nightly, Ever So Rightly

  1. wowstorylines

    Frankly, I am looking forward to having some added dailies again – they are optional and you can do them if you so desire. Of course, people felt compelled to do every single daily they saw in MoP and they had burnout real bad from it, however, you had the “choice” to do them or not. I used to do some dailies and some days, I might not do them at all, however, it was something that was an added bonus if you had the proper mindset for it.

  2. Miss Mojo

    I usually do what I want to do. If I feel like doing some dailies, I do, but I certainly don’t bother doing every single one, every day. Maybe I do a couple of dailies a week, then I’ve had my fun and go do something else.

    I don’t understand why people feel so obligated to doing them dailies ALL the time, every day… It’s not like their missing that much. I have raided endgame and had a lot of fun without doing many dailies, and never had any issues or complaints about it. I don’t feel it’s mandatory at all. You will just get some items a bit later then others. If your guild forces you to have that extra item ASAP then maybe that guild isn’t for you!?

    As for the garrison, I did it, I liked it, I got a bit bored, and stopped with it. Thankfully I have the sense to stop with it if I don’t enjoy it, hence I change games a lot, go back and forth doing the things I like, when I feel I wanna do them. Cause at the end of the day, I am not a endgame person, I am just a casual who plays what I wanna play when I wanna play it.

    Some people find that way of gaming weird, but who cares, I have fun with game hopping 😛 It’s a game in itself 😛

    *hides from the raging panda*


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