2 Weeks Off

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So those of you who follow me on the ol’ Twitters may have noticed me not playing Warcraft for a few days. I mean, every time I load it up Raptr tells you all and it hasn’t for a while! I’ve been playing Football Manager 2015 instead. While I’m a massive football (soccer, ugh) fan, in terms of football GAMES I’ve always tended to prefer the stats & strats side of it, rather than the… action side, I suppose. I’m doing rather well so far, I’m the manager of Bolton Wanderers, whom I support in real life, and we’re top of the Championship! There’s a few teams snapping at my heels though, two of whom have beaten me so far. Eek.

Those of you who DON’T follow my Twitter but look at my blog sometimes might have noticed the lack of WoW-related blog posts for a while. Well, here’s one for you. Ish.

Takin' some time out!
Takin’ some time out!

My subscription ended on… Friday or Saturday I think, and I’ve not resubbed just yet. I WILL resub, probably Friday next week, giving me 2 weeks off. Reason? Every time I’ve logged into WoW for the past 3-4 weeks, I’ve gone on my warlock, done garrison-related stuff, logged into my warrior, done HER garrison-related stuff, then logged out again. I’ve had no real motivation to do anything BEYOND that at the moment, and so I’m taking a small break. Hopefully after two weeks off, I’ll feel slightly more motivated to step outside Lunarfall and actually get crap done.

My pandas will be waiting for me <3
My pandas will be waiting for me ❤

This is NOT me saying there’s nothing to do, mind. There’s dailies, there’s soloing old raids, there’s LFR and whatnot to do. I merely don’t feel motivated to DO any of it.

This has the added benefit of WoW not being how I spend ALL my gaming time! As mentioned, I’ve been playing Football Manager 2015, but I also have Saints Row 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, Pokemon Omega Ruby AND Atelier Rorona on the go that I’d like to finish at some point, as well as my continuing play of Ultra Street Fighter 4 with the bf when we get the opportunity to do so!

This happens to his characters A LOT.
This happens to his characters A LOT.

So yeah. I’ll still be posting stuff, perhaps even more frequently than last year! I want to try and average 3 posts a week, and having more to talk about than JUST Warcraft can only help that, right?

So I guess this is my Warlocks, Warcraft, and occasionally EVERYTHING ELSE blog! Here’s to 2015!fen


2 thoughts on “2 Weeks Off

    Miss Mojo said:
    January 7, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    My sub ran out too. But I don’t plan on re-subbing at the moment. For the reasons you said really 🙂 I’m gonna try and enjoy some other games, cause WoW consumes most of the game time when subbed -.-

    randompanda1010 said:
    June 23, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    I know exactly how you felt. I have taken breaks off WoW and it is fun to do other things. I know I’m reading this 2 years too late, but this is what rl and doing other things do to you.

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