WoW, Street Fighter, Tactics Ogre!

Today, I’m gonna talk about a bit of WoW, and a bit of other games I play, because my blog, my rules. That, and I need to get updating this thing more regularly!

World of Warcraft

Warlocks got a small buff in an area we… kinda didn’t need. Havoc’s base cooldown is reduced to 20 seconds (meaning 15 seconds thanks to the Draenor Perk). Our cleave was already pretty strong anyway as Destruction, it’s our AoE and ember generation that has suffered thanks to the recent Rain of Fire nerf, and our movement DPS that suffers immensely due to the loss of Fel Flame. Obviously, this change will have an effect on our ember generation… provided we have more than 1 target in a fight. On a boss like the Butcher? Useless!

Speaking of him... Merry Christmas! Image courtesy of Wowhead!

Speaking of him… Merry Christmas! Image courtesy of Wowhead!

Warlocks aren’t in a terrible place at the moment though. On fights where you can cleave, Destruction really shines, and Twin Ogron is a fight almost MADE for Affliction. Strong single target fights like The Butcher? Demonology with Demonbolt is the way to go! Highmaul isn’t too bad for us at the moment, but what will Blackrock Foundry throw at us?

In other WoW news, I’m loving my ol’ garrison and the missions! Gladiator warrior is INSANELY fun. LFR Highmaul is LAUGHABLY easy. Both my 100 characters are on the Abrogator Stone part of the legendary quest.

And I've mogged my warrior. FIERY!

And I’ve mogged my warrior. FIERY!

Street Fighter

The new patch was released for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on Monday, bringing with it OMEGA MODE CHARACTERS!

And yes, some of them are hilariously broken.

Several characters have infinite combos. Ibuki and Crimson Viper both have slightly technical ones, and Gen’s infinite (GENFINITE) is hilariously easy to do.

That being said, ignoring these slightly glaring errors, Omega is such fun! My favourite characters so far are probably Gen (not because of the Genfinite, but because his custom combos remind me of how he was in Alpha), and Decapre (no charge motions!).



The Omega mode brings a whole new level of fun and silliness to the game, and best of all? FREE CONTENT! Didn’t have to pay a penny for it!

My favourite non-Omega character however is probably a tie between Gouken and Poison. You know what makes me sad though? I watch a lot of Street Fighter match videos on YouTube, because yay free time, and every time Poison features, you can GUARANTEE that the comments will feature jokes and insults about the fact she’s trans. I know, YouTube comments are generally a fucking cesspool anyway, but I still feel a twinge of sadness for the human race that we can’t just get over this. That every time she’s mentioned, there’s always some joke or insult about her.

This is even with 2 very prominent, well-known members of the competitive Street Fighter player base being trans individuals themselves! It’s staggering how narrow-minded and pathetic some people can be.

Anyway, enough of the serious talk, it’s not what I am good at.


Crimson Viper is totally jealous of Poison’s hot bod.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

I bought this a while back on my PS Vita, and I’ve finally got around to playing it. It’s one of those SRPG’s I love so much, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics in fact. Isometric grids, character classes, strategy, moving things around, that sorta stuff.

Typical screen you'll see when playing!

Typical screen you’ll see when playing!

The story is a political one, and your main character, Denam Pavel, is fighting to bring freedom to his country! So, a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics, I guess. Trying to keep spoilers to a minimum, seeing as I haven’t finished it yet, but there are several paths you can take through the game. Law, Neutral and Chaos. I’m on the Chaos path at the moment!

Favourite character class so far is the Ninja (DOUBLE ATTACK!), but I’ve just unlocked a Warlock class, so you better believe I’m gonna be levelling one of those! Rather than the demon summoners of WoW, Warlocks in Tactics Ogre specialise in Draconic magic, and the summoning and controlling of golems. Pretty snazzy, yes?

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing at the moment. You up to anything interesting?


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