Warlords of Draenor: 1 Month On

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So, we’ve been in Draenor for a month now. Raids are finally open, people are making money left, right and centre, and everyone is full of opinions about everything. Here’s my take on the various highlights and disappointments so far. Naturally, your mileage may vary, but that’s what there’s a comment section for! What do YOU think?

The Good: Garrisons

Having played around with garrisons in the beta but not too extensively, I can solidly say I am really enjoying them! I’m enjoying micromanaging my followers, sending them out on missions, and using the buildings to advance my professions, or get cool items (and followers, if your inn is level 2+!).

And of course, panda banners/guards
And of course, panda banners/guards

Having a source of ore and herbs (which are increasingly important in various professions, possibly moreso than in previous expansions) is also proving extremely useful to me. No more will I be starved of ores and herbs because I can’t be arsed to level my gatherers!

I’m pleasantly surprised with garrisons so far, and I hope later patches can elaborate further on them.

The Bad: Professions

100 of a daily cooldown item to craft a 640 armor.

150 of a daily cooldown item to craft the item to upgrade it!

Okay sure, the cooldown doesn’t give you 1 a day (it gives you 4, plus more depending on your skill level), and there are other ways of getting said items (Primal Spirit trading, or profession building work orders), but it’s still really quite steep in my opinion.

Let’s also add in the fact that a lot of professions use unusual ingredients. Alchemy has gone from requiring herbs, to needing herbs and meat/FISH. Hope you have a high fishing skill, or a crapton of money! Blacksmithing uses ores and leathers/furs. Hope you’ve got a skinner!

The upside to the new profession system? You can craft Draenor items straight away, even with a skill level of 1! Your skill determines how many of your daily cooldown you make.


The Good: Questing

I’ll be honest, I hated questing in Cataclysm. Apart from Deepholm, all the zones bored me, ESPECIALLY Uldum. Mists made huge improvements. You felt as if you made an impact as you journeyed through Pandaria. There were cutscenes occasionally, there were epic characters you met, and adventures to be had.

Warlords takes this questing experience and runs wild with it. There’s more emphasis on exploring things yourself and going at your own pace, rather than feeling like you’re being shouted at to “GO HERE. DO THIS. KILL 10 ZEBRA AND LOOT THEIR HOOVES.”

Poor zebra.

Anyway. Being able to see important (usually deceased) lore characters is generally awesome. Gul’dan, Cho’gall, Khadgar and Blackhand are some of my favourites, but that’s not even bringing up one of my favourite new characters, Yrel. I won’t spoil anything here, but her story arc so far is bloody amazing, and the Talador cinematic is an absolute must-see.

Speaking of those cinematics, they’re awesome! Gorgeously animated, and each one is epic. Usually used at the conclusion of a zone’s storyline, they do a fantastic job of expanding the storyline, and giving you a sense of satisfaction. Highlights are the aforementioned Talador cinematic, and the Nagrand one. Oh boy.

The Bad: MOVING?

I’m still horribly bitter about losing Fel Flame. Destruction really suffers from movement unless you take Felwalker’s Grace Kil’jaeden’s Cunning as a talent, and I’d rather take Archimonde’s Darkness thanks very much. Thanks to the recent Rain of Fire nerfs, it’s not worth the mana cost to cast unless you can hit like 4+ targets, and Conflagrate is on a 12 second cooldown with 2 charges, AND is rotationally important.

Sure, I could play Demonology on movement-based fights, but I wanna play the way I want to, and that’s Destruction. I don’t want to feel pressured into changing spec because I have to run around occasionally, and using Spiritwalker’s is just not going to happen. I’m not a fan of it in the slightest.

That said, give me a two-target fight and watch me go to TOWN, baby.

Give me 2 scythes and watch me aahhgjhshddkslfgg
Give me 2 scythes and watch me aahhgjhshddkslfgg *melt*

The Good: The People!

Subs went up to 10 million. People seem to be less assholish. Fights get explained in Heroics. Not so much LFR, but that’s a bit of a pinata at the moment, so hey.

It’s nice to see old faces in the guild and knocking around Nagrand, people I’ve not seen for months/years. Heck, one of the founders of Nameless came back just before Warlords, which is awesome!

Random panda picture, because.
Random panda picture, because.

In short, people just seem more positive now than they were a year ago, and I am really enjoying it while it lasts.

The Bad: Distractions

Seriously, I have other games to play and Warlords is EATING ALL MY FREE TIME HELP

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One thought on “Warlords of Draenor: 1 Month On

    wowstorylines said:
    December 12, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Well, you definitely hit the nail on the head with your description of the new expansion. Great write-up, by the way. I’ve seen old friend starting to come back into the game that I haven’t seen in years – it’s awesome catching up with them again.

    As far as the new changes to castors, I haven’t even played mine since all of that went down. It does sound rather crippling in not being able to move while you’re casting. Oh well, maybe it will change eventually or we will all have to adapt.

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