Loot Guide: Upper Blackrock Spire (Level 90)

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When 6.0.2 hits next week, one of the features included (for a limited time only!) is a special level 90 version of the classic dungeon Upper Blackrock Spire. It contains 3 bosses for you to crush, and they drop ilvl 550 rare gear! Its base item level is higher than that of Flex mode (soon to be Normal mode) but lower than that of Normal (soon to be Heroic), however Flex gear with 3 or 4 upgrades will be better than 90 UBRS loot, as these new items cannot be upgraded.

Boss 1: Orebender Gor’ashan

He drops 1 item potentially useful for a Warlock: Band of Desolation.

Band of Desolation
Item Level 550 Ring (Unique-Equipped)
+45 Intellect
+67 Stamina
+30 Critical Strike
+30 Mastery

Pretty nice for the Destruction Warlocks among us! Affliction and Demonology will both be favouring Crit more than Haste too in the pre-patch however, so all specs benefit!

Boss 2: Kyrak

Here we have 2 items that you could potentially use: Finkle’s Shanker, and Grips of Power.

Finkle’s Shanker
Item Level 550 Dagger (One-Hand)
+34 Intellect
+51 Stamina
+23 Critical Strike
+457 Spell Power
+23 Mastery

Again, happy Warlocks with this item!

Grips of Power
Item Level 550 Hands
+59 Intellect
+89 Stamina
+38 Haste
+41 Mastery

Haste is a bit meh at the moment, but faster spells can’t hurt I guess!

Boss 3: Commander Tharbek

One more item here, Polychromatic Dreamwrap.

Polychromatic Dreamwrap
Item Level 550 Chest
+79 Intellect
+119 Stamina
+54 Critical Strike
+52 Haste

No Mastery?! Boo! Even so, if your current chest piece is somewhat lacking, then this will still be useful.

So there we have it. Now you know what to look for, go out and get it!

Also, new Warrior transmog woo!
Also, new Warrior transmog woo!

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