6.0.2 Release Date!

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For you lucky North Americans, you get to experience it TUESDAY OCTOBER 14th, whereas us Europeans have it the following day, WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 15th.

What does this mean? What’s going away?

  • If you want the “of the Black Harvest” title, you wanna get the green fire quest done like ASAP, otherwise you can’t get it.
  • Get your Garrosh kill if you can! Ahead of the Curve goes away too, which means you lose the opportunity to get your Kor’kron War Wolf.
  • Challenge Modes may well be a lost cause if you haven’t done them by now, though you may get lucky and be able to buy a carry! The opportunity to get the title, mounts and transmog gear disappear when the patch hits, as does the Thundering Serpent Hatchling battle pet, for getting all golds in a guild group.
  • No more legendary cloak questline if you haven’t yet started it! If you’re already on the quest, you will have ONE MONTH to complete it.
  • Valor and Justice points go bye bye. You receive 47 silver for each point you have. If you’re poor, I’d recommend capping VP this week! A nice cash injection.

Wow, a not-insignificant amount of things. But what are we getting?

  • 6.0 special event! A special questline in the Blasted Lands that awards a battle pet, achievement, and a title. There’s also a special level 90 version of Upper Blackrock Spire you can queue for! It awards ilvl 550 loot, which means I’ll be throwing every character bar my warlock in there.
  • New void storage tab! Reagent tab! Toy box! Crafting materials stacking to 200! Your bags will be getting a LOT tidier.
  • Shiny new character models! Except you, Blood Elves. You gotta wait.
  • Auction houses merged between Alliance, Horde and the Neutral ones.
  • The item squish, and the dreaded class changes!

Truly an exciting time. Are you prepped? Are you panicking? Are you annoyed things are getting removed?

Well you should have done them sooner. You had two years after all!

Don't hurt me!
Don’t hurt me! I was just saying!

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