Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18967

Numerous changes here. Let’s look spec by spec, shall we?

Remember, old numbers are red, and shiny new numbers will be green.



  • Corruption: Causes [21.6% 26% of Spell Power] Shadow damage over 18 seconds.
  • Agony: Causes [120 + 26.3% 30% of SP] Shadow damage over 24 seconds.
  • Drain Soul: Causes [4 + 76% 83.6% of SP] Shadow damage over 4 seconds.
  • Haunt: Deals [1 + 375% 412.5% of SP] Shadow damage.
  • Unstable Affliction: Causes [7 + 25% 27.5% of SP] Shadow damage over 14 seconds. Deals [8 + 200% 220% of SP] instant Shadow damage to dispeller if dispelled off a target.

So what we’re seeing here is a general buffing of our main rotational spells. Nothing overwhemingly huge, just a general 10% upscaling of things to bring us in line with other classes.



  • Corruption: Causes [21.6% 26% of SP] Shadow damage over 18 seconds.
  • Shadow Bolt: Causes [1 + 105% 126% of SP] Shadow damage.
  • Hand of Gul’dan: Strikes target and all within 6 yards for [137.6% 165% of SP] instant Shadowflame damage, and an additional [18% 21.6% of SP] Shadowflame damage over 6 seconds.
  • Soul Fire: Causes [1 + 68% 81.6% of SP] Fire damage.
  • Touch of Chaos: Causes [ 1 + 56% 67.2% of SP] Chaos damage.
  • Chaos Wave: Strikes target and all within 6 yards for [210% 250% of SP] Chaos damage.
  • Demonbolt: Deals [1 + 375% 412.5% of SP] Chaos damage.

So again, a blanket buff of all our rotational abilities. Curiously, Demonbolt, which I speculated would receive a nerf last time I did one of these posts, got buffed as well! The buff it received isn’t as large as the buffs to the other spells, however.

This means it may well be worth casting 3 Demonbolts instead of 4 in Metamorphosis with Dark Soul active, and spend the rest on Soul Fires while the debuff runs out, thanks to the new spell power coefficients.



  • Nope.

Arguably the spec that needed changing the most, Destruction sees no changes. I’m not worried personally. Destruction hasn’t seen any worthwhile changes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come.

Current state on the beta of Destruction is it’s hilariously weak on single target, very strong on cleave, and insanely overpowered on AoE. Movement DPS is no.

I’d prefer it to be like live, where it’s on par with everyone else in single target, but pulls ahead the more enemies you put in front of it. If you’re going to make us a stationary turret, at least give us the firepower to be able to do so.



Yes, they get a buff too! The pets in question being the Demonic Servitude pets, as they previously represented a DPS LOSS in taking them as your level 100 talent.

  • Doom Bolt: (Doomguard/Terrorguard) Causes [1 + 108% 162% of SP] Shadow damage.
  • Immolation: (Infernal/Abyssal) Burns nearby enemies for [15% 22.5% of SP] Fire damage every 2 seconds.

It’s a start! Naturally, tests will have to be done to determine whether they are an increase in DPS finally, but again, I’m not overly worried. I’m being positive, you see.

In Closing…

In these weeks leading up to patch 6.0.2 (my money is still on the 14th/15th of this month), we’re probably going to see the changes come thick and fast. Destruction will get its turn, don’t worry.

Make sure you keep this buff!

Make sure you keep this buff!

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3 thoughts on “Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18967

  1. Mykurse

    The only problem with Destro on live is that its too rewarding for correctly playing it. True on single target it drops a little more in line since you don’t have adds to shadowburn for embers, but the moment you introduce adds it starts getting out of hand fast. I’m completely fine with Destro being a cleave turret for warlords.

    1. ikralla Post author

      Heh, very true. Havoc and Fire & Brimstone are a lot more powerful AoE/cleave options than damn near any other class gets.

      In my opinion, I’d be fine with toning the AoE damage down if it were to get the single-target boosted. Maybe increase the damage reduction of Fire & Brimstone, in return for Incinerate/Conflagrate doing a bit more damage.

      I have no idea how to solve the Shadowburn problem though, as it’s gaming that which leads to the whole “supermassive cleave” issue.

      Having played the beta as Destro a bit more now, I’m less fussed about “waah no Fel Flame” though I still miss it. It just feels a bit below par if you’re single target.

  2. Mykurse

    Finally somebody I can have an intelligent conversation with that understands the whole picture for warlocks! As it stands FnB is ungodly strong, even more once you start getting ridiculous amounts of mastery. Shadowburn is a monster in its own light. But I will whole heartedly agree that if they want to boost single target DPS, they need to realize that targeted buffs to single target spells are going to land them in a situation very much akin to the SoO situation. There has to be some give and take.


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