The Tough Thing About Alts

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So we come to that time of the expansion cycle when there’s a heavily speculated date for the next expansion pre-patch. Numerous people seem to be hyping the 14th/15th of this month as the date when we’ll finally get 6.0.2. We’ve had the PVP Season End warning yesterday, which traditionally heralds the coming of a new patch 2 weeks later.

It therefore comes to the time where people are deciding what characters and classes they will play in the next expansion. Naturally, it’s always subject to change, even halfway through the expansion, but we start off with the best of ideas.

What Will I Do?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to focus on 3 characters in Warlords of Draenor. Raenah the Warlock was the first one. I write about the class after all, why would I not continue to use her? The other two being the Shaman Shamwhoa, and Lixiu the Hunter.

"Hey Gul'daaaaaan. What're you doing?"
“Hey Gul’daaaaaan. What’re you doing?”

Since then I played as a Warrior on the beta, and while I was still underwhelmed by the gameplay of Arms and Fury, the new level 100 talent for Protection that gives Gladiator stance is IMMENSE fun! Finally, a sword & board DPS! I have no qualms about saying that I will use my Warrior, and she will be a gladiator. I just need to get an appropriate transmog for her…

As a knight she looks cool, doesn't scream "GLADIATOR!" though
As a knight she looks cool, doesn’t scream “GLADIATOR!” though

That increased the number of characters I wanted to play as to 4, and therein the issues began.

There’s Always Something…

I watched the Lords of War video featuring Maraad, and it made me want to race-change my Paladin to a Draenei, give her a badass 2h sword, and smash the crap out of everything.

She sure looks the part.
She sure looks the part.

Then I realised I actually LIKED the Retribution play style. I wanted to play it MORE. Having a 2-hander heirloom from Garrosh for her certainly helped matters too. She wouldn’t be at a disadvantage levelling, as she’s got a powerful weapon to take the heads off of orcs with.

That bumped me up to 5. But wait! Inxy, the Horde Warlock is another! I already know how to Warlock, I have a Hellscream’s War Staff for her, and she’s guaranteed the Green Fire title as Raenah has it. She makes 6, but she’s the only Hordie. I said I want to play both sides of the story this time around, so she is a definite.

Then I played the Monk. Lunchi, my blindfolded homage to Chun Li.


But it’s more than being an homage to the First Lady of Fighting Games. Monks are fun to play as. Storm, Earth and Fire is probably one of my favourite abilities in the game. Monks look BEAUTIFUL when you play them properly. The movement, the animations. They just look stunning as they carve their way through the battlefield.

Plus, 2h Agility heirloom. Can’t go wrong.

I want to level up Vanlew as well. She’s my lockbox opener if nothing else.

Also a master of disguise
Also a master of disguise

So basically, so far I have narrowed it down to “not the mage, not the druid”.

I think I need to refine my choices again.

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One thought on “The Tough Thing About Alts

    Byx said:
    October 2, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    This is basically how I am with alts also… haha

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