What’s in a Name?

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So today, for want of something better to blog about, I thought I’d talk about my characters on World of Warcraft! Specifically, their names and where they come from. Because I can, you see.


Raenah is named after Raena, a character from the Deverry books by Katharine Kerr. She’s the high priestess of Alshandra, a bad decision maker, and the reincarnation of a generally awful woman called Merodda.


Speaking of Merodda, she had a daughter named Lillorigga, or Lilli for short. Gifted with magic, but meets a tragic end indirectly due to her mother. Of course I made her a warrior. Because my decisions are LOGICAL.


Ellesario is another character from the Deverry books, and the daughter of Alshandra, the not-quite-goddess mentioned above. In Warcraft, she is my mage, and she is weaponless because her staff went to…


Inxy, which is a name I made up one day. She’s on the RP server Argent Dawn, and she’s a warlock of immense power. Immense ineptitude too, her engineering proves that she gets confused between ambition and ability.


The name Shamwow was already taken on Nagrand. Terrible, I know! What was the next best thing? SHAMWHOA. Because every shaman name is a terrible, terrible pun involving the SHAM part.


Li Xiu was the daughter of a military commander way back in the 4th century. When her father suddenly died, she took command of his troops herself, and put down a rebellion in Ningzhou

Naturally, a fitting name for a Pandaren hunter. Of course.


Continuing the Chinese theme, Sun Bu’er was one of the Seven Masters of Quanzhen, the only woman to become so. As is seemingly typical in ancient Chinese stories, her birth involves dreams, cranes, magic and deities. As a significant figure in the religion Taoism, why not name my devotee of the Light after her?


Here’s my rogue Vanlew. She’s named after Elizabeth Van Lew, the woman who created an extensive network of spies during the American Civil War. She also modernized the postal system of Richmond in Virginia, because why the hell not?


Lunchi is named (and styled) after Chun Li from the Street Fighter series.


Buns and all.


Disgleirio is my paladin, and is the Welsh word for “shining”. I wanted her name to be a word that had something to do with the concept of light, and I translated various words into various languages before settling with this one.

Formerly known as Patrianna, a character from the Wonderella webcomics. A series I wholeheartedly recommend to all!


Gestherya was a random name my boyfriend came up with one day. She’s my little unholy elf, and she will kick your ass.


This name is what occurs when I get uncreative. I couldn’t think of a name for a druid, so I just took the name of my main, and swapped two letters around. GENIUS.


Sha Wujing is from Journey to the West. Those of you may remember the story of this from the TV show Monkey! He’s also known as Sandy, and his name translated from Chinese means “sand aware of purity”

He’s a monk, and along with Sunbuer, my healer.


My 2nd shaman Korbenik is named after Corbenik from .hack, and is known as the “8th phase of the Cursed Wave, Corbenik, the Rebirth”

Sadly that wouldn’t fit in the name box, and Corbenik on its own was taken.


And here’s Ikralla. Ikralla’s the name I use on Twitter and various other websites, and is a misspelling of Irkalla (a misspelling that I liked enough to keep anyway). Irkalla is the name for the underworld in Babylonian mythology. It’s ruled by Ereshkigal and Nergal, the Death God.

This isn’t where I first heard the name Irkalla though.


This is Zasalamel from Soul Calibur 3. He’s my favourite character in that game, and he also acts as the one of the main antagonists of it. When you play the story mode, depending on decisions you make and your performance, you may well face him when he turns into Abyss, due to his combining and subsequent absorbing of the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge blades.


You see that scythe Abyss has?

That’s called Irkalla.

And that’s where I leave you. Hopefully soon we’ll get a beta build that actually has more warlock changes. If we don’t, I’m sure I can think of more fluff topics to write about!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

    Corah said:
    September 28, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Too funny, one of my g-g-g uncles was a spy for Elizabeth Van Lew!

      ikralla responded:
      September 28, 2014 at 7:10 pm

      Oh wow, that’s awesome! 😀

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