Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18927

Ugh. Here we go.


Why not begin with the change that has annoyed me the most?

  • Ember Tap: Now heals 6.2% of your health, down from 13.6%

Why has this annoyed me? Well, it’s an apparent nerf because of the talent Searing Flames, which doubles the healing of Ember Tap. It’s also a massive nerf to our PET healing as well.

You remember? The pet healing which comes as part of one of our Draenor “Perks”? The pet healing we may not even get until we hit level 98?

Improved Ember Tap: Your Ember Tap also heals your pet demon for 20% as much.

Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

Raenah has 200k health. Her Voidlord has 100k. You use Ember Tap while not talented into Searing Flames (because gosh, you just love to use Soul Leech!).

You are healed for 12,400 and your pet is healed for 20% of that, which is 2,480. Let’s say your pet is nearly dead. He’s at 1 health! Too many enemies hit him and he’s on the verge of returning to the void from whence he came! How many embers will you need to heal him to full?

FORTY ONE. It’s at this point it feels like this “perk” we have is absolutely and utterly pointless. Not only that, but the perk is rendered useless ANYWAY if we take Grimoire of Sacrifice, as this perk is dependent on you actually having a pet out.

No. That’s just utterly terrible. I can’t. Scrap the perk, give us back Health Funnel, and make the perk something else.


Oh gosh, the spec that’s reliant on RNG. I bet you can’t wait.

  • Nightfall: Soul Shard generation proc rate is now 6%, down from 10%.

Don’t worry though, you still have the Enhanced Corruption perk, which increases that proc chance to…


Because we were absolutely SWIMMING in shards before, weren’t we? What with the double shard cost on Soulburn: Soul Swap and Soulburn: Haunt.


Affliction & Demonology

Oh yes, don’t think you’re getting away unscathed.

  • Life Tap: Demonology and Affliction only.
  • Health Funnel: Now restores 6% of health, down from 9%.

So this just means we’ve got a class that’s pretty well known for having strong self heals, and they’re nerfing them. Lots.

Set Bonuses

  • Demonology 2pc: Hand of Gul’dan now has 1 additional maximum charge, and Corruption has a 10% 4% chance to generate 1 charge of Hand of Gul’dan when dealing damage.

I’ll be honest with this one, it was kind of expected. Remember my testing from a few days ago? Hand of Gul’dan was by far the most used spell with this set bonus. Maybe now you’ll have a chance to actually cast something else.


Remember this is beta, this is all subject to change. Remember this is beta, this is all subject to change. Remember this is beta, this is all subject to change.

At least we still have green fire.

At least we still have green fire.

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1 thought on “Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18927

  1. Jemmy

    Ick, that’s just so…..

    The worst bit is I don’t even like green fire so I don’t have that to console me.

    My favourite spec is affliction, and after trying it on beta, I’m very disappointed with the changes they’re making.


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