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So we’re seeing a number of changes in the game coming with 6.0.2. Whatever could they be?

Facial Customization

The goblins at the barber shop seem to have gotten a license to do plastic surgery. Yes, for a small handful of gold you will be able to change your face! Something to appease the people who won’t like how their character will look in Warlords, it seems.

Here's Old Raenah and New Raenah!
Here’s Old Raenah and New Raenah!

What amuses me is that people were assuming that Blizzard wouldn’t allow a free (gold isn’t real money, people!) face change, and would make people use their £13 appearance change service. “MONEY-GRABBING BASTARDS!” people would cry out, and now it turns out they were wrong all along.

That being said… do YOU trust a goblin with a knife?


I’d advise getting the JP heirlooms you want now, as in 6.0.2 the heirloom vendors are going away! Not ALL of them, however.

  • The guild heirloom vendor will stay
  • You can still get the Honor Point heirlooms
  • Darkmoon Faire heirloom vendor is staying too

It’s just the JP vendor. As JP is going away in Warlords, they have to figure out how they want you to get hold of these items, and they haven’t worked out whether it’ll be gold or something else yet.

We know heirloom storage (much like the toy box) is coming in a later Warlords patch, so I theorize that we’ll see the return of these vendors from their holidays when that goes live!

I will reiterate though: JP heirloom vendors are disappearing in 6.0 for an indeterminate period of time. Buy heirlooms you want ASAP.

Legendary Cloak

This one has many changes, and honestly I don’t fully understand the reasoning why.

In 6.0.2, if you haven’t started the questline to obtain the legendary cloak, you won’t be able to. Also, A Test of Valor will disappear (as VP is going away too), meaning that if you are on that step of the quest, you move on automatically.

On November 13th, when Warlords of Draenor finally launches, the questline will be gone. The cloak will be unobtainable, and any quests relating to it will disappear from your quest log.

The Gaze of the Black Prince buff, which increases the drop rates of the items you need and doubles Black Prince rep gained, is sticking around until 6.0.2 hits.

Because of this, I have gone from being happy with two cloaks to wanting to get two more, for my Hunter and my Warrior.

Yes, in addition to wanting to play my Warlock, Hunter and Shaman roughly equally in Warlords, I’ve added Warrior to that mix, purely because of Gladiator Stance! Sword and shield DPSing is such fun.

Lillorigga is happy I won't be ignoring her next expansion.
Lillorigga is happy I won’t be ignoring her next expansion.

I’m still confused as to the reasoning behind this change, however. We can still get most other legendaries in the game, from Thunderfury to the Fangs of the Father, so why remove this?

Name Reclamation

Yes, this one is causing controversy too.

When 6.0.2 hits (no ETA yet), characters that haven’t logged into the game since November 13th, 2008 will have their names freed up, which will make them available to anyone making a new character or using a service that allows a name change.

If you log in on that character before 6.0.2 hits, then you have preserved that name.

I’m not gonna comment on the rage this has caused beyond quoting an incredibly wise man.


Blizzcon Pet


He’s called Grommloc, he’s a murloc version of Grommash Hellscream. He’s adorable and I am buying the virtual ticket the day I get paid.

He seems to have these abilities:

  • Vicious Slice (a normal attack)
  • Clobber (1 round stun)
  • Dominance (increases damage of next attack by 100%)
  • Smash (a normal attack)
  • Whirlwind (deals damage split evenly among the enemy team)
  • Takedown (double damage on a stunned target)

He also has Mrgrgrgrgrll, which causes nearby critters to run in fear, if you weren’t sold already.

The Sims 4

No, I’m not going to do a huge thing on The Sims here, but I wanted to share with you some of my sim’s disturbed art.




That one of the alien abduction explains SO MUCH.

#wow #warlords #sims4


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