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You know, there’s something that bothers me immensely about the patch notes. It’s bothered me for a while now, to the point where I’m getting slightly irate about it.


“In Warlords of Draenor, we’re pulling back on the ability for many casters to deal damage while moving, and that includes Elemental.”


“We’ve reduced the ability for ranged damage dealers to deal damage while moving in Warlords.”

Have they though?

This post is inspired partly by my own feeling of annoyance, and by this post that was made on the Blizzard forums today. It goes into some pretty in-depth detail about how each ranged class/spec (with the exception of Hunters) can DPS on the move.

While it’s true they’ve reduced the abilities of Warlocks and Shamans to DPS on the move, not only are Balance Druids and Shadow Priests largely untouched, they’ve actually INCREASED the options that Mages have to DPS on the move.

What does this mean for a Warlock?

Honestly, Demonology is in a pretty decent place anyway. It can re-DoT on the move, use Chaos Wave/Hand of Gul’dan, Touch of Chaos and channel Hellfire, which is quite a range of abilities.

Affliction can re-apply Corruption and Agony. That’s pretty much it. When asked what Affliction can do to smash totems in the light of no direct damage abilities thanks to the removal of Fel Flame, Celestalon replied as thus:

No Grimoire of Sacrifice for you!

Destruction is… well. I’ve played on the beta, you know that. Destruction feels good when you can plant your feet and cast. When you have to move, you’re screwed. Conflagrate is used rotationally, not banked for movement, and 1 charge has a 12 second cooldown. Rain of Fire is annoying to use when moving, because if you use the mouse to move, then how do you place the reticule? If you’re a keyboard mover, it’s STILL incredibly cumbersome to move as well as place the spell. Shadowburn is execute-only, thus useless above 20%.

Of course, all three specs have Kil’jaeden’s Cunning as a talent, which allows 8 seconds of moving-while-casting per minute. Trouble is, I highly doubt bosses will wait patiently for this to come off cooldown before making you move again, so for the other 52 seconds you’re doing the above.

Elemental Shaman lost the ability to cast Lightning Bolt on the move. This 1 change is a MASSIVE blow for their movement DPS. Unleash Flame no longer does damage either, so they can either use Flame Shock or Earth Shock (ES without Fulmination is a massive DPS loss too), Frost Shock (seperate cooldown, very weak) or Lava Burst (which requires a proc of Lava Surge, thus RNG).

I suppose the point I am making is this: They say they are reducing caster mobility, but they’ve only reduced that of Warlocks and Elemental Shamans. If they had said at the start of all this, “we’re nerfing Warlock mobility by removing Fel Flame and changing how KJC works” then I think we’d have moved on a lot quicker, but the fact they’re dressing this up as a “global nerf to caster mobility” when it plainly is NOT is almost insulting, especially when as part of this “global nerf” they actually buff the mobility of the other casters.

“But there’s still time! They could change things before 6.0 is released!”

Aw bless you, little optimist. At this late, late stage I severely doubt they’d do any more mechanics changes. We’ll see number tuning, and how things are will be how they will be.

I will still play my Warlock. I have spent too much time playing as her to go “welp, can’t cast while moving so BYE BYE.” Kil’jaeden’s Cunning is not why I made a Warlock. It wasn’t even in the game when I made her! Destruction was, is and will be my favoured spec of choice, no matter what. I’m not someone who looks at what’s currently overpowered and goes “that’s MY class now!” Remember back at the start of the expansion when Destruction was utter balls to play? Worst of the three specs? I still played it then. I still enjoyed it.

I will still get a little thrill when I see large Chaos Bolt hits. I will still love her green fire. I will still love travelling the world with Metasik the Voidlord, spreading doom and felfire where’er we go.

I just don’t like feeling as if I am being lied to.

I'm on the left, Blizzard is on the right.
I’m on the left, Blizzard is on the right.

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