Beta: First Impressions

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Yes, thanks to me being a lucky bastard and winning a key from the wonderful @MadgalenaDK, I am now a warlock in the beta!

So, what are my first impressions?

Put that belly away!

Put that belly away!

I like the basic cloth armor set! I think this is one we get from questing around Draenor, but being a template character, you get a full set immediately.

Hey Gul'dan, you busy?

Hey Gul’dan, you busy?

It’s cool seeing some old lore characters too! My favourite of course being Gul’dan, but seeing Cho’gall was awesome too! Bitches owe me FAVOURS.



Having messed around briefly with the level 100 talents, my favourite by far is Charred Remains. I will dedicate a blog post to these talents in the future though. AoE Chaos Bolt is as glorious as you can imagine.


Naturally, this being the beta, there’s a lot of unfinished stuff, and here’s one thing! Towards the end of the Tanaan Jungle experience, you are treated to this awesome in-game event.

We’ll take your word for it, Blizzard!

The Tanaan Jungle questing experience seemed a little… not BORING per se, but just incredibly simplistic. Sure, as mentioned it was awesome seeing Gul’dan and other lore figures, but something about it felt a little off. Easy.

As for garrisons, I took a bunch of pictures, and I will probably make some sort of gallery for them at some point, updating them as I go along on my mystical, savage journey.


I did a dungeon too. Bloodmaul Slag Mines. It was rather good! Smooth run. Bosses were the usual “kill adds, stay out of fire” malarkey, though I imagine they’ll be quite different on Heroic! Best boss? Roltall, a boss you fight on a bridge that has you dodging fiery boulders and flaming… flames!

Speaking of killing things… The stat squish! I have about 60k hp at level 91, I’m throwing out 12k-ish Chaos Bolts. Frankly, the numbers are something you don’t notice, though. Mobs die just as fast or slow as they would if the numbers were 10x larger, so what at first is jarring, you very quickly settle into. So much so, people were marvelling at how LITTLE bitching there was in General Chat!

Anyway, these are my first thoughts after a couple hours play. I’ll mess around in the garrison more, maybe figure out how this “streaming” thing works. I have a account, might as well use it!

Until next time!


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