Warlocks of Draenor: Patch Notes and TEASING

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Short one, ’cause it’s not the gigantic influx I was expecting, but then we DID have that massive revamp last expansion, so not much needed to be done to us.


Gone. Bye bye. Our last curse is gone. Of course, this being beta, anything is subject to change, but it’s still sad to see.


This one is also gone, and Howl of Terror goes back to being a talent in its place. Frankly I forgot this talent was even there.


It was brought back in at reduced effectiveness, i.e. it only generated embers on a crit for destruction, and gave 5 Demonic Fury instead of 15 on hit for demonology. It was then cut again in favour of the 8 second Kil’jaeden’s Cunning on a 1 minute cooldown. Like, seriously in the same patch notes it mentioned the change to Fel Flame, then said it was simultaneously cut. Clarification from Celestalon revealed that Fel Flame was indeed gone for now.


This one’s not going! For demonology users, their more powerful pets will generate 20% more Demonic Fury. A buff! A buff!


For Affliction, we’re happy with their rotation. But, Drain Soul was causing them to be too strong in situations where they had a steady supply of small creatures to kill. We reduced the effectiveness of its on-kill effect in order to solve this. Additionally, Soul Swap was changed to cost 1 Soul Shard to push it into its intended role of being a more expensive but faster method of applying your periodic damage effects, and better balance it against Haunt.

Some blue text for you, lifted directly from the notes. Soul Swap is costing a shard. Soulburn: Soul Swap costs 2 shards. Frankly, with the removal of DoT snapshotting, we were most likely going to be hardcasting all our DoTs post-pull as we needed to refresh anyway, making Soulburn: Soul Swap something you do at pull to quickly apply all three DoTs and then never again.


Well well well, what could this be? My first thought? Abilities for the Terrorguard and Infernal for Demonic Servitude! What do they do? We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

New beta build please?

The sheep are oddly unfazed by a wolf howling amongst them.

The sheep are oddly unfazed by a wolf howling amongst them.


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