Warlocks of Draenor: Build 18505

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Well, it’s a new build, stuff has been datamined, let’s get to it.


First of all, a book has been added into the game. Grimoire of Summoning Secrets. It reduces the cooldown of your Summon Infernal and Summon Doomguard by a whole 8 minutes!

And yes, it definitely is an Ashran-only thing. Each class got an item like this, and most of them were missing the clarification in the tooltip.

Nice to have, but it seemingly becomes useless if you take the talent that allows you to have one of these pets permanently. Does this mean we get screwed over? Could they be changing this talent to something else? Wait and see, I guess.


We also have a look at our non-mythic tier set! Looks pretty snazzy, and I kinda like it more than the Mythic set, which is probably a good thing as I won’t be doing Mythic raiding. Click the picture to see it big!



I prefer the Mythic shoulders, but I like the rest of this set a lot more. I think the purple one looks more warlocky, but the red is nice I guess.


It’s back! And it’s been reworked slightly! You may remember that there was a blanket removal of some CC, one of them being disarms. Our Voidwalker and Voidlord’s Command Demon ability was a disarm, and now it’s Suffering, ie a taunt. We can command our demon to taunt off us when we want now! This is a lovely change for me, as I am quite often pulling threat off an enemy, or in danger of being attacked first. Now, I can use Suffering as an opener on a mob in the wild/boss I am soloing so Mr Voidlord can build threat quicker, without me having to find it on the pet bars.

Presumably this would mean that Suffering isn’t an automatically used ability now, that we have to activate it ourselves. I don’t mind this. Sometimes, I WANT an enemy to hit me once in a while (hello Lich King, hello Cho’gall).


Twilight Ward and Curse of Exhaustion are still gone, meaning we have no curses. No curses on a class that supposedly specializes in them. Sure, Agony, Corruption et al are curses in a sense, but they aren’t explicitly called Curse of Agony, and so it feels like a bit of our warlocky flavour has been lost.


Nothing specific to warlocks here, but I really want the Talon Queen title on Raenah! And I think Timber Lord will be an AWESOME title for a druid healer.


Tailoring gets a 30 slot bag called the Hexweave Bag! Awesome. I need more space, and though the toy box/heirloom interface will sort some of that out, I still need MORE.

Tailoring also gets a new magic carpet, the Creeping Carpet, and a Minature Flying Carpet too. Maybe that’s for our battle pets? That’d be cool. If not, it’s probably just a battle pet itself, which is also cool. I wanna see my Voidlord sit on it.


They still have the same effect, but they now have snazzy names! Affliction’s Haste Attunement is now called Eradication, Demonology’s Mastery Attunement is called Demonic Tactics, and Destruction’s Critical Strike Attunement is now called Devastation. Nice warlocky flavour to them now, rather than being generically named. Each class gets these snazzy class-themed names for their attunements (e.g. Shamans get Purification, Lightning Strikes, and Elemental Overload).


Well, something I nearly skipped over when reading Wowhead’s datamining post was that normal and heroic raids scale up to 30 people now, up from 25! Great for those of you with a lot of guildies, great if you’re looking to PuG some people. More friends! More killing! More loot!

Well, that’s it from me for now. Nice to have some warlock information, and I hope you beta players keep people like me informed!

We are sailing! WE ARE SAILING!
We are sailing! WE ARE SAILING!

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