Warlocks of Draenor: Alpha Build 18443!

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A new alpha build hit servers Friday, and with it some new information! We have a look at the warlock tier 17 armor, some updated set bonuses, a small change to Cataclysm, and not a lot else.


Cataclysm, one of our level 100 talents, has been modified slightly. Before this build, when in Affliction spec, it dealt damage and applied Corruption to all enemies in range. Now, it applies Agony instead. Perhaps to differentiate between each spec? A different flavour of DoT for each spec to play with! It could also be because of Seed of Corruption. The Soulburned effect of SoC applies Corruption to all mobs the explosion hits, which may devalue Cataclysm’s effect, so to avoid redundancy, made it apply/refresh Agony instead. Awesome.

Set Bonuses: UPDATED!

Yes, the datamining from Wowhead and MMO-Champion revealed that some of the more boring set bonuses got changed! So, what are we looking at now? My comments on the change will be in (bracketed italics!)

  • Affliction 2pc: While channeling Drain Soul on a target afflicted by Agony, Unstable Affliction, and Corruption, the chance for Nightfall to activate is increased by 5% (so basically rewarding playing your spec well, it seems, by boosting the rate at which you regain your secondary resource)
  • Affliction 4pc: When Nightfall activates, the cooldown of Dark Soul is reduced by 10 seconds (which makes this set bonus tie in nicely with the 2pc. The first makes Nightfall more reliable, the second bonus strengthens it immeasurably)
  • Demonology 4pc: Shadowbolt has a 50% chance to empower your inner demon, temporarily bringing your Metamorphosis form out even while you are not transformed (Nobody knows! Does this mean we get the damage bonus from the Meta form, without the transformation of our spells? Are we forced into Meta, and thus have to spend fury? Are we forced into Meta, but with a free spell or two? Do you get Dark Apotheosis-style wings and the Meta damage bonus? Until Celestalon gets back from his jollies, we just don’t know.)
  • Destruction 4pc: Consuming an ember reduces the cooldown of Dark Soul by 5 seconds (well, in conjunction with the Charred Remains talent [which boosts our ember generation massively] this could be an absolutely massive DPS boost for us! Using Charred Remains means you cast Chaos Bolt more. More Chaos Bolts = less time between burst periods courtesy of Dark Soul.)

Dark Intent

This build takes off the stamina boost, and adds in the multistrike boost we talked about in the last blog. The stamina bonus comes as part of a passive buff called Blood Pact (it’ll be nice to see that name in our spell book again!), and affects all party/raid members in a 100 yard area.

Tier 17 Mythic Set

(Image courtesy of MMO-Champion)

Click the image, make it big!



Looks typically warlocky, and a bit reminiscent of the Corruptor set from tier 5.

It's the shoulders, I feel.
It’s the shoulders, I feel.

Perhaps deliberately too. Tier 5 is an Outland set. We’re going to Outland BEFORE it went explodey. We’re getting a set that is a bit of a call-back to it.

No? Just me who thinks that? Fine. If the normal/heroic set looks like the tier 4 Voidheart set, then you owe me a tenner.


Black Harvest Title

No, you can’t have your shaman be Shamawhama of the Black Harvest (secret sadface).

But if you get the title on 1 lock, you get it on all of them!

Well, until next time, here’s a picture of a cowardly panda.




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