Warlocks of Draenor: New News! Patch Notes and Alpha Stuff

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This is me reappearing like a bolt of lightning. WHOOSH.
This is me reappearing like a bolt of lightning. WHOOSH.

Well, it’s been some time since my last blog post, but I am back off holiday with a tan (ish) and a keen eye for all the crap I’ve missed since I’ve been away! So how about we dive straight in with:

Feat of Strength/Title

Yes, those of us who defeated/will defeat Kanrethad before 6.0 drops will get an awesome new feat of strength called Breaker of the Black Harvest, and comes with a snazzy title for you, “…of the Black Harvest”! Well, isn’t that exciting?

It’s something a lot of people wanted, and it’s nice that we’ll be able to get it! And for those of you who haven’t done it yet, just get some Siege LFR/Flex gear on your warlock and nuke the crap outta him, like I did! At item level 550, poor Kanny didn’t even summon his felhunters.

Datamining: Tier Bonuses

Courtesy of those fine folk at Wowhead, we have some datamining from the current alpha build! However, with these tier 17 tier bonuses, bear in mind that some may be fleeting:

  • Affliction 2p: Unstable Affliction damage up 10%
  • Affliction 4p: Haunt periodic damage bonus up 10%
  • Demonology 2p: Shadowbolt/Touch of Chaos damage up 10%
  • Demonology 4p: Corruption has a 10% chance to generate 1 Hand of Gul’dan charge when it deals damage
  • Destruction 2p: Incinerate damage up 10%
  • Destruction 4p: Immolate has a 10% chance on dealing damage to generate a charge of Conflagrate
  • Demonology 4p PVP: When Corruption or Doom is dispelled, you gain 100 Demonic Fury
  • Destruction 4p PVP: Conflagrate generates 1 extra stack of Backdraft

Rather boring, right? Flat damage increases, but remember, these are most likely not our actual bonuses. Expect change, people!

Drain Soul Visual

I’ll just leave you with this.

I’ve seen it in action courtesy of Sparkuggz’s stream and it’s GLORIOUS.

Patch Notes: Secondary Stat Attunements

It seems in Warlords, each spec will receive an “attunement” to a particular secondary stat. This comes as a 5% buff to all increases of that stat, so a piece of armor that grants you 100 Mastery will grant 105 Mastery to a spec “attuned” to that stat.

For us warlocks, it helpfully coincides with our Dark Soul abilities, so Affliction’s attunement will be Haste, Demonology will be Mastery, and Destruction will be Critical Strike.

To me, this sounds like while they’re trying to make the secondary stats about equal, they also want each spec to have some sort of “defining” secondary stat. Crit increases Chaos Bolt damage, and makes a bursty spec even burstier. Haste was always an Affliction warlock’s lover after Mastery, as it made your DoTs tick more often, and Mastery was the main stat for Demonology as it increased demon AND demon-form damage.

Important to note Celestalon’s tweet here. These stats may be subject to change, as is everything in the Alpha.

Top warlock Zinnin also provides an interesting perspective here.

Patch Notes: Ability Pruning

Nothing new for us, but be warned!

Patch Notes: Buffs & Debuffs

Well, in a bit of a sweeping change, it seems all classes won’t provide any sort of enemy debuff anymore. Warlocks are seeing Curse of Elements removed, and rogues are losing Master Poisoner, which had the same effect. Also being dropped are class’s ways of inflicting Weakened Armor and Physical Vulnerability.

With the new secondary stats (Versatility and Multistrike), come two new raid buffs, one of which we provide! Blood Pact has been reintroduced as a passive 10% increase to the stamina of all in your group within 100 yards. The stamina boost has been removed from Dark Intent, and replaced with a 5% Multistrike boost.

Patch Notes: Self Sustainability

They’ve modified how most classes function in regenerating health, primarily in a solo-questing format. Drain Life heals for 1.5% health per tick, instead of 1%. Harvest Life increases that heal to 3%, up from 2.5%. This’ll provide us a smidgen extra healing when out and about killing things, either when soloing raids, or just when levelling. Coupled with the Draenor Perk that lets Drain Life generate embers, could this be the point where we start actively using this currently-rubbish spell?

Anything Else?

Well, before anyone complains that there’s not much news, despite it being a week since there was, bear this in mind:

Not all the classes were done! You saw what he said further up in regards to ability pruning; there’s more to come. And I’ll be here to tell you about it!

In other news, here's my shaman dressed up like a raid boss.
In other news, here’s my shaman dressed up like a raid boss.

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