Stats, Garrisons, AoE Chaos Bolt


So thanks to Sparkuggz, it’s been discovered you get access to your level 100 talents at 92 in the alpha, presumably for testing purposes and whatnot, and I have to say the AoE Chaos Bolt from the Charred Remains talent is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Brought a tear to my eye, it did. Glorious.

Also, thanks to AlternativeChat’s Twitch stream this morning, I also got a glimpse into how your garrison will work in real time, and I must say it all looks very exciting. Quests offering the construction materials, quests for followers, quests for this and that and it all looks very well done, and I can see why there’s a bit of a delay now. They seem to be knitting this garrison experience in with the very core of the expansion’s gameplay, giving you this massive hub you’ll keep coming back to in order to get new things, or just check up on your followers.

There’s still the group of people who want to ignore garrisons, and that’s all well and good, ignore it if you like, but you’re going to be missing out on a big chunk of gameplay. It’s not mandatory, but it’s going to be BIG.

Grumpy Panda would like you to at least try them!

Grumpy Panda would like you to at least try them!

Also yesterday, Blizzard released a blog post about the stats we’ll be seeing in Warlords. As we all know, hit and expertise are going to be a thing of the past, and dodge and parry will not appear on items, replaced instead with bonus armor. So what’s the situation?

Current stats: Mastery, Crit, Haste, Spirit, Hit, Expertise, Dodge, Parry
Draenor stats: Mastery, Crit, Haste, Spirit, Multistrike, Bonus Armor, Versatility
Draenor Tertiary Stats: Movement Speed, Avoidance, Indestructible, Leech, (Cleave)

Wow, that’s a whole bunch. Our favourite secondaries are staying. Healers get Spirit but on “non-armor items” like necks, rings, cloaks and trinkets. Tanks get Bonus Armor instead of Dodge/Parry, also on non-armor items. We’re not tanks or healers, so Spirit and Bonus Armor don’t matter to us.

Multistrike, however! It caps at 100%, and grants that percentage as a chance to all your attacks (be they Incinerates, ticks of Corruption, or Soul Fires, or even auto attacks if for some reason you’re doing that) to activate up to 2 further times, for 30% of their usual damage. Example!

  • Multistrike is 50%
  • Incinerate for 5k
  • 50% chance to proc a second incinerate for 1500 damage, another 50% chance to proc a third.

Sounds pretty cool. We don’t know how much rating will be required to get 1% yet, or even if it comes as a flat %age increase on an item (ie instead of saying “598 Multistrike” it may say “+10% Multistrike”) so if anyone in the alpha can clarify that, it’d be fantastic!

I’m excited about Multistrike. Kardris’ Toxic Totem is one of my favourite trinkets, and the Multistrike proc off that contributes to a good portion of my DPS, almost comparable to my cloak procs.

Versatility is a new stat that is being introduced, with a fairly simple but pretty powerful-sounding effect. 1% Versatility translates at a 1% increase to damage dealt, your healing and your absorbs, and a 0.5% damage reduction. And yes, it works on self-heals too, so Ember Tap will become stronger as you get more Versatility too.

This one will need to be tuned to absolute perfection, as if it’s too strong, it becomes the best stat for EVERYONE by miles. Too weak, and nobody’ll want it. I’m excited about it, because anything that directly increases how much my Chaos Bolts do, I can get behind!

Tertiary stats are new to Warlords, and they are small bonuses that appear IN ADDITION to other stats, as opposed to INSTEAD OF. This means that two pieces of gear with the same name and same primary/secondary stats will still have the potential to be different from each-other.

Movement Speed is pretty self explanatory; it increases the speed you move at by a flat percentage. It stacks with other forms of speed boost, but in order to make it balanced, it’s not going to be tuned overwhelmingly high, but more at a lower level. They want it to feel like a “fun bonus”, not a drastic increase in power.

Avoidance is a familiar term to us warlocks. It’s the ability a demon has that reduces AoE damage by a certain amount! This doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly be able to stand in all the fire, or take a Corrosive Blast to the face from Immerseus like our imps can, but it softens the blow. Gives you more of a chance to get out of Yu’lon’s green circles of death, to give a current example.

Leech grants you a percentage of damage you deal as healing to you, much like how Soul Link works when you have a pet out (10% of damage you deal heals you and your pet), but also has a healer benefit we don’t care about. It makes a percentage of what they heal to others also heal themselves. Well, whatever keeps them alive I guess.

Cleave is shelved for the moment, hence it being in brackets. They’re trying to puzzle out how to make it more valuable for all roles, as it’s almost vital for healers (turn single-target heals into potential multi-target ones? Always a win!), useless for tanks, and only useful for DPS on fights like, say, Galakras, rather than Malkorok.

Indestructible on an item makes it take no durability damage. Ever. Useful for those of us who have NO GOLD EVER.

Well, that’s my brief spiel on the new stats. I’m gonna go and level up my new horde shaman. Maybe grind some gold in preparation for the new expansion too.

Niuzao! The character I'll miss most about Pandaria. <3

Niuzao! The character I’ll miss most about Pandaria. ❤

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