ShamWHAT? Also Featuring Warlock Stuff!

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Angry yet grumpy!
Angry yet grumpy!


So, that happened. I got into a group for Gates of Retribution because goddamn I need to get a decent weapon to go with the heirloom shield I won off Garrosh on my warlock a while back. I knew those pesky thorns in my side, the Dark Shamans, dropped a pretty decent one, so I went for it.

It didn’t drop, but their cosmetic armor did instead! Now I don’t have to puzzle out a look for my shaman, she can look like this instead!


Shamwhoa is my best-geared alt at the moment, sitting pretty at item level 544. Rock those totems, girl! She’s also made the furthest progress of my alts in the legendary quest, being halfway through A Test of Valor (yes, this VP buff is helping me out a lot here), so fingers crossed I can get that out the way soon and make her even more awesome.

In future planning-related news, I’m thinking I’m finally going to write that quick Blackwing Descent solo guide. It’ll also be slightly notable for the first solo guide I’ve written to have a section dedicated to one boss’s trash packs! Oh Atramades, you go down in infamy.

Any notable warlock-related news? Well, an interesting thing was datamined recently. Those of us who bested Kanrethad at the Black Temple to get our green fire while at level 90 will be getting a special Feat of Strength, Breaker of the Black Harvest! I’m guessing you’ll be able to get this feat in future expansions as well, kind of like how you can get Herald of the Titans nowadays. Wouldn’t it be awesome if it added a special title as well? Just imagine, Raenah of the Black Harvest!

Has a snazzy ring to it.

That Shadow Bolt tooltip error from last time has been corrected too, it’s back up to 2.5 seconds sadly. Nothing else to report on that front.

Have a roaring panda to make up for it.
Have a roaring panda to make up for it.

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