Warlocks of Draenor: Alpha Build 18297!

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Well, we finally have an update! And we have some warlock-related news! I’m getting my information courtesy of MMO-Champion here.

Bear in mind the damage changes we are seeing are NOT NERFS according to Celestalon. It’s just rejigging the damage calculation for the stat squish that’s taking place, as I understand it.

So! Let’s get to it. Click on an image to enlarge it.



This is the first part, and seems to be general stuff, though there’s one detail that stand out for me. For Curse of Elements, the stuff about only having 1 curse per warlock active on a target seems to be gone, so does this mean we can apply more than 1 curse? Can I go off and solo something, and apply both Curse of Elements AND Curse of Exhaustion? The way it looks, that appears to be the case.

Secondly, it appears Soulshatter is back! Those of us worried about our Voidlords (or bad tanks of course!) not taking the threat off us quick enough have our “GET THE FRIG OFF ME!” button back! The rest of the data is rejigging numbers, it seems. Remember, these are not necessarily nerfs, and yes I will keep saying that.

Shadow Bolt appears to have a cast time reduction! 1.7 seconds, down from 2.5, which is lovely news! Its rather low damage didn’t seem to justify such a long cast time, honestly. It’s not like it’s Chaos Bolt, is it? Considering this isn’t listed in the spec-specific areas (i.e. Demonology) most likely means this only affects the spell before a talent spec is picked. Hold your excitement, people.

UPDATE @8:10pm



Next section is for talents, and here we have the change to Kil’jaeden’s Cunning we all knew was coming! It’s reverting to the active ability from Beta 5.4, akin to the Shaman ability Spiritwalkers’ Grace, in that you activate it when you need to move, and can cast ALL spells while moving. I’m genuinely surprised they’re keeping this cast-while-moving component, I expected them to scrap it completely and put Fel Flame there. I can only hope that we won’t have to run marathons during fights in Draenor! *shakes fist at Dark Shamans*

The other changes are rejigging damage values of talents we don’t have access to, so there’s not much to comment on really. Demonbolt looks to be a very heavy hitter for Demonology though!


Affliction! Just number-jigging, plus the aforementioned potential removal of limits on Curses from targets. Moving straight on…


Number jigging for Demonology. Again, we can’t make a comment until we see how the squish works out.


Destruction number adjustments. Not nerfs. See how squish works. Wait and see. Blah.


Glyphs! This seems to be changing the wording of 3 of them, not the effects. Soul Consumption was at a 20% restoration, now down to 15%. Warlocks have strong self-healing anyway, and frankly I never used this glyph before, and I sure as hell won’t be now! Glyph of Curses doubles your Curse range (remember, they now curse all enemies within 10 yards of your target), which is always helpful on an encounter with adds you wanna kill that little bit quicker.


That’s not warlock-related! No, but it’s related to Blizzard’s favourite thing; POOP! Huzzah!

Well, what does all this mean? Could we finally be lurching to beta, where these numbers will be testable? Is this just another tantalizing morsel for us to nibble on as we wait for more information? It does throw up a few interesting points though. We seem to be getting Soulshatter back, Kil’jaeden’s Cunning is going through the first of probably many changes, and curses are potentially losing their 1-curse-per-warlock-per-target limit. The rest is just numbers, and if they’re not buffs/nerfs, but mere damage calculation adjustments, there’s not really much to be outraged about yet.

Yet. Damage buff/nerf news will come via the official patch notes where they say “we increased/reduced damage of X” and when that happens, I’ll be here to rejoice/be outraged with you!

Lillorigga and her friend, a bear!
Lillorigga and her friend, a bear!

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