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Vanlew is a shadow. You could walk past her and never know she’s there. The last thing you’d feel is her dagger in your neck, then the blackness of the void.

So, Vanlew is my rogue. She’s named after Elizabeth Van Lew, a woman who built and ran a spy ring back in the American Civil War! Pretty impressive stuff.

She’s one of the few characters I levelled to 90 through questing, as opposed to endless dungeon-running, as she just killed everything so damn quickly. I highly recommend playing a rogue at some point, they’re pretty fun! Stealth, ambush, mutilate, finisher. Boom.

She’s been Assassination spec for all her 90 levels, and I’m attempting to grind up a couple swords so I can give Combat a go, as I hear from a friend it’s pretty fun.

What a time to fall asleep on the job!
What a time to fall asleep on the job!

So yeah, it’s a massively different playstyle from what I am used to. With the warlock and the shaman, I stand back and nuke enemies from afar, whereas with the rogue (and the monk too!) I’m up close and personal with my victim. Certainly makes fights feel slightly more intense; one wrong move and I could be toast (hello Dark Shaman). A tangible sense of danger, living life on a knife-edge!

What do I wanna do with her? Get LFR-geared at least, maybe take her into flex raids? She’s one of several characters I like enough to consider getting a legendary cloak for, so I should probably pick one. Current front-runners are Shamwhoa the shaman, Lunchi the monk, and ol’ Vanlew up there.

Anyway, time to rack up some more tokens from Timeless Isle. I’m still pretty miffed that I can’t pickpocket the Ordon mobs there!

Even your searchlights can't find me!
Even your searchlights can’t find me!

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