5.4.8: A Quick Post

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You know what? 5.4.8 sounds pretty cool to me. It may allow me to get the damn cloak on more than just my warlock (my elemental shaman and warrior have both stalled at A Test of Valor, because EFFORT), and the extra upgrades? Ability to buy VP for Timeless Coins? Sounds mighty grand.

Myself and a couple of guildies are particularly excited about it because it means we may be able to start raiding again. We’re extremely casual, with only about 6 or 7 of us who attend nearly every week. The others in our group are either randoms from the guild, or people from OQ or /2, and we all vary in ability. If we can get better gear that allows us to kill a boss more? Maybe even 2? Well, that sets us further on the road to getting that Garrosh kill we all secretly want!

Wait. Garrosh kill? More like Garrosh IMPRISON, amirite? Silly pandas.


Here’s where my guild are at the moment. We are Nameless, and we are 4/14! Hopefully, we’ll be even further progressed.

What’s the downside of this? Well, to upgrade a new item, you need to spend a whole week’s worth of VP on it, and for those of us who don’t obsessively cap valor on a character (Raenah has 2/2 on all items, and so I just don’t get VP on her anymore) it’s gonna take AGES to get upgraded. Unless…

Remove (or increase) the Valor cap? Increase VP gains? Will the double VP work OUTSIDE of A Test of Valor? Will the Double VP work with those new VP-for-Timeless-Coins deals?

So many unanswered questions. And frankly, for those of us fully upgraded, so long as we hit the 3k cap before 5.4.8 hits, we can upgrade a crapload of items right off the bad to 4/4. Buy some of those VP coins, upgrade 2 more before we hit the cap. Easy done.

Final thoughts? I like how instead of nerfing the content, making the fights less weaker, they choose to buff us instead! It also gives us more reason to stay on the Timeless Isle, which to be honest I am still not bored of yet. So many Timeless Coins. Got exalted with Shaohao, bought the mount, and STILL had 40k left over.

But what I really want to see is something to do with Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. I currently have nearly 4000 on Raenah, whereas Korbenik, Shamwhoa, Shawujing et al struggle to get 50 each week. Let me share ’em out at least if I can’t spend them on anything else! Or even better, make them account-wide! All charms you acquire on a character go into a sort of pool that all your characters can access!

That’d be nice.

Here’s Korbenik the Robopanda/Flashlight just before she turns into a wolf and EATS YOU.



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