Warlocks of Draenor: Twitter Edition!

Well, that may explain why we’re not getting much warlock information, and to be honest I think we were all expecting it. We received a MASSIVE overhaul going from Cataclysm to Mists, with each spec becoming massively different from the other, so naturally because of this, we’re not being seen as a class that needs too much done to it. Other classes won’t be overhauled to the extent we were, but will receive things to make each spec more unique (something I feel rogues and hunters desperately need!).

Ah, an answer to an oft-asked question! It was a worry among some players that the permanent doomguard/infernal would not receive any new abilities, but it seems this is not the case. Huzzah! Why have we heard nothing? Because they’re not ready.

Seems Mannoroth’s Fury is staying as a once-a-minute deal. I don’t personally use it (it seems to be the go-to talent for Demonology and I play Destruction/Affliction), but I must admit I do miss the permanent version of it. It made killing the elementals on the Lady Vashj encounter a lot easier.

In further Demonology-related news, when you proc Multistrike (one of the new secondary stats) on one of your spells, it doesn’t provide bonus fury. I’ve never really had a problem building fury on the few times I’ve played Demo, but what do you think? Any Demo experts out there?


All those people wanting warlocks to have a tank spec will probably have to keep on waiting, apparently a LOT of work would have to go into it. Sadface!

Finally, we have some word on Kil’jaeden’s Cunning. Could it see a reworking? Could it be removed entirely? If so, what would replace it?

Personally, I’d like to see Fel Flame make a comeback as the potential replacement. That way, each talent in the level 90 tier would be directly linked to DPS still. Archimonde’s Darkness affects burst DPS, Mannoroth’s Fury would be for AoE DPS, and Fel Flame would affect movement DPS.

All of us lamenting a lack of warlock-specific information should just be relieved we’re not getting another massive overhaul, causing us to have to learn to play our class again!

In other news, here’s my shaman Shamwhoa chilling with her homies from the Shado-Pan, Taoshi and Nurong, watching Niuzao obliterate a raid group.

(no really, they all got to close to him when he started charging and they all dropped like flies. It was glorious to watch.)



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