Most Frustrating Mists LFR Bosses!

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In light of no real warlocky news, I’ve decided to make a list! A bottom 5, if you will. The most frustrating bosses in LFR! Bear in mind that this list represents my opinion on the matter. Do you find other bosses frustrating? Tell us!

I’m excluding Lei Shen and Garrosh from this list. As the final bosses of their respective raid tier, they’re SUPPOSED to be difficult. These are the bosses that pop up beforehand that take you by surprise. Maybe their mechanics are easy to mess up, maybe there’s hundreds of things going on at once, maybe they just hit like a truck. These are the bosses that I dread.



What would seem like a relatively simple fight (kill adds, avoid puddles, hit boss, yawn) becomes really annoying for me when you introduce his ability Reshape Life into the mix. What this does it turn a random raid member into a Mutated Construct, like that big orange thing you see in the picture above. You’re meant to smash it around until it hits 20%, where the player can then turn back to normal, and resume fighting.

The frustrating part? A lot of the time, people don’t start DPSing the construct, which means when your willpower bar runs out (it slowly depletes over the course of your mutated life) you instantly die. Another issue is from the player acting as the construct themself! Every so often, they have to use an interrupt on themselves to stop them making a big explosion, but also they have to use another ability to prevent an Amber Monstrosity doing the same thing. Quite often, they don’t, and raid goes boomboom. Even now, in 5.4, I’ve wiped several times on this boss because people just assume they’re overpowered and can just steamroller through the bosses in LFR.

Sometimes, dearies, you can’t.



Big, awesome dinosaur. At first, I really loved this fight. There was a lot going on, but it felt manageable, plus I got the staff first try, so maybe there’s rose-tinted glasses in that regard.

Nowadays? It’s a mess. A horrid (fnar) mess of a fight.

The main issue is roughly 75% of the raid just focuses the boss and ignores all the adds making void zones and healing Horridon. The few remaining people are left to run around and try and contain the adds before they overwhelm everyone. The dinomancer is free to heal Horridon at his leisure, nobody makes him charge the doors, the tanks don’t move the boss when each door goes down. The adds don’t get interrupted, so there’s sand and ice and poison everywhere.

I dunno, maybe I just get some really bad groups. Every time.



Oondasta’s nastier brother (sister? Wife? Husband? Uncle?) is the 11th boss of Siege, and in LFR presents a nasty little wall for you. He also holds several items that various alts of mine want, which means I’m seeing this guy a LOT.

The first phase goes well enough. Everyone’s to the side of him bar the tanks, and things seem manageable. Then his frenzy begins. He’ll fixate on a random raid member, who then runs like buggery away from everyone. If Thok catches them, instant kill. It’s fun!

It’s really not. Invariably, you’ll get one fixatee that runs Thok through as many people as they can (accidentally or otherwise), and they all die. You’ll get people that are eager to DPS the boss that end up running in front of him and they get instantly killed too. You kill the jailer, you free whoever you’re freeing (usually the Saurok), and the fight resumes as normal.

Except the organisation from the first phase? Gone. People will stand behind or in front of Thok all the time. The poison debuff won’t be dispelled. People’ll still run in front of Thok during blood frenzy.

And the final phase? With the burning blood? Well, good luck finding a place to stand, turret-casters. Have fun with people who just tank the boss in the fire too.



Man, he’s ugly. They should really re-do the models sometime.

Anyway! This boss again is relatively simple on paper (kill adds, avoid crap), and when you get a good group, it goes swimmingly. The trouble begins with a not-so-good group.

I refuse to fight this boss on a Tuesday.

The difficulty of this fight presents itself in 2 ways. The shamans he summons, and his defensive stance. Above all adds, and the boss himself, the shamans are the highest priority for you to kill, because they heal. They heal everything. The amount of times I’ve been in groups that got Nazzy down to 1%, only for a pesky shaman that cut loose to heal him back to 20%. It’s immensely frustrating, and guarantees a wipe because oh dear berserk!

The other issue derives from people’s itchy trigger fingers. During defensive stance, you ignore the boss. Don’t DPS him. Every attack he sustains from a character not tanking him causes him to gain rage at an alarming rate, and this results in him throwing out all kinds of shit at you.

I have an addon called EnsidiaFails. It tells you when a raid member fails on a particular mechanic. I turn it off during Nazgrim, because otherwise chat gets spammed with me broadcasting everyone attacking Nazgrim during defensive, and it started to bother people.

And now for the #1 spot.



You were expecting this one, weren’t you?

Cast your minds back to when wing 3 of Throne of Thunder first opened. How many wipes did Durumu give you?

For me, it was 3 solid hours of wiping before we got a kill. The other bosses in that wing? Rolled over harmlessly.

It’s not even just the maze anymore. It’s the whole package. Last few times I’ve run this boss, people who are meant to be searching for adds with the cones of light just stand there! More egregious than that is the fact that people often don’t handle Lingering Gaze properly. When targeted, you spawn a void zone after 3 seconds. Preferably, you put these near the edge of the platform, so they do not interfere with the maze phase. A lot of the time, people just stay where they are, and so when the maze begins, the game seems to delight at the “random” path running you through every single void zone it can.

And the maze itself! Oh the maze! Back when the raid first came out, the maze was GIGANTIC. If you found yourself in the eyesores, even for a second, you weren’t getting out again because the path would just disappear as your screen filled with purple. Thankfully, they nerfed this, but even now, you can expect a LOT of deaths during the maze.

Warlocks had another specific problem with the maze too. Back before 5.4, Kil’jaeden’s Cunning allowed you to cast all your spells while moving, but at a cost of 15% of your movement speed. This stacked twice, for a 30% speed reduction. This meant that while you were trying to move and DPS, you were being slowed down massively, and slowly, the maze’s path was closing, catching you up. A lot of the time I died on this fight, I died because of that slow.

I watched a video of the boss on heroic mode once. It adds walls of ice into the maze to make it more difficult. The idea of that makes me shudder.


  • Elegon. Fun game! Next time you do that fight, count how many people fall in the pit. Last time I did it, 8 people fell.
  • Galakras. It’s kinda sad to watch the whole tower group go plummeting off the top.
  • Norushen. KILL THE ADDS. And please soak those orbs.
  • The Spirit Kings. Nobody seems to notice that when they’re killing Meng, he’s slowly killing them too.

And so I open the floor to you lot. I’m curious, which are the fights that give YOU headaches?


3 thoughts on “Most Frustrating Mists LFR Bosses!

    The Cranky Tank said:
    May 6, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    Spoils of Pandaria, and to a lesser extent, Lei Shen. Requiring the raid leader to split 25 people into carefully chosen groups to deal with boss mechanics? In LFR? Good luck with that!

    Prinnie Powah said:
    May 8, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    I love Thok. I love it when he noms on all the asshats who made snarky, snide or elitist comments, or who complained about LFR being LFR. They explode into parts and it is glorious.

      ikralla responded:
      May 8, 2014 at 11:23 pm

      You know what, I find it IS the people who bitch about LFR the most who Thok seems to chase after most lol

      I’m glad for LFR, it what got my my legendary cloak, and my metagem and what not.

      I think this is why Thok has only chased me once, and at the slowest speed!

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