Warlocks of Draenor: Draining!

In the latest batch of datamined information, we have some more warlock news to look at! This time, it’s relating to a glyph, a removed spell, and a nerfed one!

Demonic Gateway

A simple change here, you can now summon the gateway at a minimum of 10 yards away, instead of 20 yards. Hooray, now you can do a short hop across the streets of Stormwind.

If, y’know, you could actually use it in capital cities. I’m sure this has PVP uses, maybe?

Malefic Grasp/Drain Soul

Remember Celestalon tweeted that they were going to merge Malefic Grasp into Drain Soul, and not the other way around? Well huzzah, it looks like that’s happened! Drain Soul now functions as Malefic Grasp does, i.e.  channels for 4 seconds, ticks every 1 second for 1 (+20% spell power)  damage, and causes your DoTs to also tick for 40% of the usual damage.

Additionally, if your target dies and they would give you xp/honor, a Soul Shard is replenished! Sure, it’s not all 4 like it is on live, but you now have a way of regenerating shards outside of Nightfall procs! Well, on fights with adds at least. Fights like Malkorok? Hello RNG Nightfall.

Also remember that courtesy of a Draenor Perk, when it is used on a target below 20% health, it forces DoTs to tick for 100% of damage instead of 40%, thus becoming the execute we all know and love.

In addition, Kil’jaeden’s Cunning now works with Drain Soul (meaning your execute can now be channeled on the move too), as does Soul Leech. Let’s hope it keeps the Drain Soul animation! Maybe they can add in a minor glyph that allows you to change the appearance of Drain Soul to that of Malefic Grasp if you REALLY like it so much.

Glyph of Life Pact

“Mana costs on all your spells are reduced by 30%, but Life Tap can no longer be cast, and your health will drop by 1% per sec. Your health cannot drop below 75% from this effect.”

Well, this was datamined a while back with placeholder figures, but now we have some numbers to look at! There’s still a few of unknowns with this glyph. Will the 30% reduced mana costs end when you hit 75% or below, or will it stay? With Soul Link active, is the damage split between you and your demon (though it’s not for Burning Rush, so probably a no here)? Will your healers absolutely hate you? Destro will never have mana issues again with this glyph (like it did anyway!), but what of Affliction and Demonology? They’ll HAVE to run out of mana eventually, right? With Life Tap disabled, what’ll they do?

Honestly, this glyph needs some pretty extensive testing before I can give a full opinion on it, but on the surface it looks cool!

A small update for a small number of changes. Still, any news is good news, right?

In closing, here’s Lunchi the monk frozen mid-move by Illidan’s RPing.



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